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Hey Ladies!

Woman definitely the one that very conscious about their appearance, health and beauty. Thus, in the market we can found so many product for woman.

Woman usually spend so much to makes them to feel better, from the cosmetics, supplement, skincare and also treatment. I have to agree every woman loves to be beautiful and taking all the products makes me feel confident with myself.. huhu..

Millennial Gen Sdn Bhd , Harum Malam healthy drink, woman healhty drink, kebaikan harum malam, kandungan harum malam,

Early this year, I was introduced by a healthy drink name Harum Malam. With so many succeed testimonial  it makes me eager to try out this drink. Harum Malam is an established drink from Mellenial Gen Sdn Bhd and has been in Malaysia for more than 7 years. It can be drink for all woman starting from the teenager and gives a great more effect for married woman.

Millennial Gen Sdn Bhd , Harum Malam healthy drink, woman healhty drink, kebaikan harum malam, kandungan harum malam,

Harum Malam contains 100% natural ingredients from fruits and herbs. It contains Honey, Strawberry, Manjakani, Fig, Pueraria Mirifica, Pueriria Lobata, Pomegranate, Goji Berry, Raisins and etc. With so many great ingredients it gave so many benefits to the consumer. 

The benefit of Harum Malam healthy drinks includes :

✔ Help to freshen the body 

✔ Helps to beautify and increase radiance, firming skin and reducing wrinkles.

✔ Helps eliminate body odor and mouth.

✔ Relieves hot flashes inside the body, reduce the pressure.

✔ Tighten and beautify the breast to healthy and plump.

✔ Restore a sense of femininity and tighten muscles.n.

✔ Prevents an unpleasant odor and itching.

✔ Adding marital harmony, healthy uterus.

✔ Helps to burst energy and overcome vaginal dryness.

✔ Helps tightening and firming the vagina.

✔ Helps kill bacteria in the urinary tract and solve the problem of urinary urgency.

✔ Enhance immune system and stabilize hormones.

Millennial Gen Sdn Bhd , Harum Malam healthy drink, woman healhty drink, kebaikan harum malam, kandungan harum malam,


Morning: 1 teaspoon before breakfast, 
Evening: 1 teaspoon before bedtime 
* Can be drink straight 
* Be sure to use a plastic spoon to avoid the lost of its benefits from the honey 
* Can store in refrigerator 

Things to avoid when you consumed Harum Malam : 

- Avoid beverages icy 
- Pregnant women are not allowed to drink this 
- Drink per measure is justified only (not encouraged to take more of a measure) 
- For maximum effect, drink it daily

This drink really gave a good effect on me. It helps me control my body odor, and my intimacy part is more healthy. Woman do need to take care their intimacy part, especially married woman.  A regular menstrual period will help a healthy uterus and will also helps you to pregnant easily. I will continue to consumed this drink after giving birth next year. My breastfeeding friends said it also helps to be a milk booster. Such a good things for mommy, and baby and of cos the daddy!

If you want to try it out do buy it with the authorized reseller or do check the hologram marked on the bottle to ensure the genuine. It sells for only RM33 per bottle in East Malaysia and RM35 at West Malaysia. An affordable healthy drink with a very great benefits!

For more information:

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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing benefits with us. It will be very helpful to us. :)