The Mystery of Hostel Perhentian in UiTM Terengganu

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Hi everyone... 

This will the first time I wrote a ghost story in my blog and this will be the story of my experience during my Diploma time in UiTM Terengganu. 

There is so many ghost story you can heard if you study here and it will be depends on you to believe it or not.  I'm actually a believer cos I have experienced with all the mystics thing during my boarding school.  All the hysteria and seeing the ghost is something that I always face on during my high school. Despite when writing this story I'm not sure is this the scary things ever happened to me or not.. Haha... 

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Okay back to the story during my diploma, I have to stay in the hostel during my studies.  It was Perhentian hostel.  I already forget the room that I stay, but it was a room for three and it is at the third floor and next to pantry.  At the beginning of my study,  I have 2 roommates but suddenly my other roommates quit her study and left us two in the room. I slept at the double Decker bed and was the one who slept at below bed. Nobody was on top of my bed, while my other roommate slept at the single bed next to the window. 

This room really makes me smile every time I think about it. Sleeping in this room such a nightmare but I survived slept here for two years..haha.. Every night was a challenge when I have to face "the thing" that squashing over me every time I try to sleep. My experience during high school do helps me to face the moment every time. And yet whenever I forget to do the routine, the things easily came and disturbed me. It such a headache and stressful things to face it every night and I have to put an Al-Quran besides my pillow to makes it go away and calm me. And sometimes when I'm so sick of it, I tend to eat the flu medicine to help me sleep easily. But then, I always end up to skip the morning class cos failed to wake up that morning. Can I actually blame this "thing" for making me failed in my study? hahaha

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Apart from being disturbed by the black things, I always heard the noise of arranging cupboard, table and chair in the middle of night from the up stair bedroom. I though it was a normal things, and I do really think that those student are study hard. Yup, the are busy study and keep on pulling out the chair. After a few month when I get along with the other student, and have a little chat with their roommate about their study. I told them how great them all to stay up at night and study. Then , they ask me how do you know? I said that I heard the noise of pulling chair and table everynight. They smile at me and told me that its been  a long time that they didn't slept at that room. When I heard it, I felt goosebumps and that night I slept at my classmates room. (^-^)"

All the annoying things keep on happening around me, others student also met "Hantu Nasi Lemak". They called it Hantu Nasi Lemak because the ghost imitate the others student who love selling Nasi Lemak from one room to another room. But then this ghost usually selling the Nasi Lemak outside the window and can you imagine how nonsense people can be outside the window of third and second floor. 

If you were someone who living in the hostel and the boarding school, this kind of story are something normal. My ustazah said that this Jin and Satan loves to tease student because its what they do, they loves to make people neglect with their life an study but then you know you have to be strong. I care less about this things after few months in this room, I even slept alone sometimes when my roommate wanted to slept at her friends room, even though it will be a scary night or I might end up couldn't sleep at all, but then its okay for me. I prefer to sleep on my bed than to sleep with others cos I will end up couldn't sleep because the bed are small. 

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After two years study and the next semester will be my practical semester. So I have to packed everything and bring it back to my hometown. That last night was the scariest ever, I was alone that night and many student already went back to their hometown. It is a norm because the leave will be depends on your examination schedule. Our faculty always the one that have the last exam, too bad for us. That night I couldn't sleep at all, I can felt it coming when I slept on my bed. Then I wake up and turn on the lights. I sit at the chair at my study table, I took out the Yaasin and start to recite the 4 Qul's. Then I felt something heavy on my back but I didn't see anything. I was so scared but keep on reciting my prayers and after a few minutes the thing gone. That night, I slept with the light on. That will be night I couldn't forget. 

But then I'll thank to the thing who took care of my room, even though it was a semester break, I never bring home my dekstop and left it in my room. Nothing was missing during my 2 years study there even I never lock the door. :) So, it was the small part of my experience with the ghost stories. It makes me addicted to it. I have so many ghost stories during my high school, National Services and also during my degree at UiTM Shah Alam. Have you heard the Pontianak laughing? I was the best thing ever..hahaha

So you have heard my story, want to know other great story? Have you heard about Yellow Volkswagen story? It a famous ghost story in Malaysia in 1956 and it this story will be on our nearest cinema at 22 September 2016!

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Sinopsis :

This story tells about a couple that got engaged , Frank and Sarah who is on their way back to their hometowns Fuad . They were interrupted when they lost after dusk when looking eatery . The disorders than lead them to involve with an accident and Sarah began to change .Its all because of a yellow Volkswagen! Fuad was warded , while Sarah did not suffer with any injury. Raudhah, Sarah's sister , came to invite her back to the city while awaiting Fuad recover from injury. Unexpectedly, she took home  'something ' with her.

This film are starring Pekin Ibrahim and Atiqah Suhaimie as the main cast. This film is an adaptation to the mystery of Yellow Volkswagen that caused many accidents on the road late 1950's. I couldn't wait to watch this film, it is really scared or not.. Bring it on!

Don't forget to watch this film next week gais. Feel the goosebumps and scream with me...

Be Haunt!

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  1. errr.. kenapa kosong je ? ke Google buat hal ...

  2. hi senior hihihi. its true indeed ! perhentian is really horror place ever since it has a big tree in front of and beside the room. I had an experience while stay beside a "leaving room" at the pantry level 3 also at Perhentian. I think Perhentian is the most "kind" hostel ever because Tenggol is more scariest when you stay there :(

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