Restaurant Review – My Village Barok Bistro

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Restaurant Review – My Village Barok Bistro. | Anyone have been to Kuching surely know about My Village Barok Bistro right?Situated along the waterfront of Kuching, My Village Barok Bistro was an eye catching with a great environment surrounding it. As we walk in the restaurant, the ambience of the wooden house with a great decoration of Sarawak heritage gave a high expectation for it service and food. 

The high expectation were totally goes to zero as the waiter lead us to our table which only capable for 5-8 person where we altogether were 13 person. Luckily the other guest offered us their table and everything were settled down. Then the waiter passed to us the menu and after suggested by my aunty we ordered Ayam Penyet ,Ayam Pansuh and Teh C for our dinner. It takes more than 15 minutes for the waiter to take our ordered and more than 30 minutes to receive our food. The services were very poor as there is no enough staff to entertain the customer. 

Typical Malaysian love to enjoy their rice with their barely hands and it was a very pathetic situation when we would like to use the hand washer and it was out of ordered. It also takes more than 15 minutes to wash our hands with the water they sent to our table. But in the end of we were happy when the manager greets us with smile and thanks us for visiting his restaurant. He also shared his secret recipe for their great Ayam Pansuh and Ayam Penyet. Overall the experience in the restaurant really taught us to be a very patient person as the service was very slow.

Here is some picture of us in the restaurant...

My Village Barok Bistro, sarawak famous restaurant, ayam pansuh,

My Big Family!

My Village Barok Bistro, sarawak famous restaurant, ayam pansuh,

Here comes the food!

My Village Barok Bistro, sarawak famous restaurant, ayam pansuh,

From the left : Cik Ana, Cik Nan, Zahra, Abah n Emak!

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