Al-Fatihah buat Ami Schaheera...

shamiera osment
This entry were dedicated to Allahyarhamah Salmi Syahira aka Ami Schaheera yg meninggal dunia semalam 26 March 2013... Kesakitan yang ditanggung ole arwah selama 3 tahun akhirnya berakhir.. Inshaa Allah...her last post on her instagram, she said that she will be better.soon or later, she will... Allah memberi ujian itu kerana dia tahu kita mampu menanggungnya.. n Dia tau Ami da tak mampu menanggungya lagi..maka dijemputnya pergi...Innalillahi wainnailahirajiun... Dari Dia kita datang dan dari Dia kita kembali...

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Ami was a great person.. Arwah seorang yang periang dan sangat positive... She had inspired many people trough her style from her fashion blog and also with her healthy diet.. She so confident with her style and selalu tersenyum... #eatclean #Ami's Kitchen pastinya akan dirindui semua follower... me pon da start missing her... 

Semoga roh Ami dicucuri rahmat dan beliau tenang di alam sana... Al-Fatihah...


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