Yuna Pencetus Minat Berperaduan!

Amirrah Othman
Yuna Pencetus Minat Berperaduan! | It all began with a simple word...

'Under the sky of sunshine or rain'

This sentence makes Yunalis Zarai chose me as one of the winner for the contest Yuna Inspired last 2 year... Basically me menang camera canon 550d n me in the music video and also dapat join her private concert... Best sgt tau...xsangka langsung boleh menang coz me tulis lirik tu mase tgh ngantuk...huhu..

Me yg azab with adorable Yuna..

Me, Yuna and my kanda, Zureen

All the winners.. pic credit from

Time shooting video... pic credit from

Inilah hasilnya..malu iols... :p

Kenal x iols yg mana.. inai di jari lagi tau.. :)

But then, starting that day me terus sgt taksub dgn dunia contest di facebook... Hahaha..sorry lah kalo byk spam uols nye timeline dgn my hobby nie... Tapi tulah dari dok saja tgk org yg berjenis-jenis ni baik layan contest dapat gaks faedahnya... yg penting Happy!


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