Movie Day Out with Familia

Last tuesday me and my family n my 2 sister spending our time together...haha..cam wat karangan laks...

Pas amik my 2 sister from train Taman Bahagia kami g makan kt Sambal Hijau di Sg.Penchala...food mmg varities kt stu.taste just nice.n harga reasonable or should say murah jugak...

My anakanda n my 2 lil sis..

Then kitorang g Curve la sng kn..dkt..my sis 2 org tu na tgk Maleficient but then time tu movie dah screening 15mins so she decided na tgk How to Train your Dragon 2...n me n my kanda taking a risk to bwk my daughter Zahra inside the cinema.. Last time weols bwk die msk cinema dia sgt naughty... Terus serik...huuu

Ni lah penyebab lambatnya..fefeeling mkn eskem..

But somehow this time she was great n behave..weee!!! Nxt time leh movie day out lagi... N furthermore Fateh pon sgt behave walaupon memula tu cam takut tp pastu die syok layan cite tu sambil mkn popcorn ... Comei sgt... Hahaha

Aktiviti yg agak wajib bg Zahra kalo kuar.


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