PRODUCT REVIEW : Shizens Lips Tattoo !!!

By shamiera osment - 12:02:00

Shizens Lip Tattoo makes me excited when I first read about it... its the "Tatoo" makes me so damn excited to have it! It just because I had a dark lips that really uncomforted me.. I have try many product to makes it more pinkish but nothing really works well... 

My first impression is : Is it will be like a tattoo that will makes my lips pinkish forever? (HAHAHA, So HYPERBOLA!) No lah! I just thought that this lips tattoo will goes permanent on my lips or my be hard to stain... 

So guess what?

This star product really does! It work likes magic on your lips.. well you can see it actually white in colour but it then it turn your skin to be pinkish! It also had shimmering effect that makes your lips more kissable! AWWW! over mak ayam kan? LOL!

In the picture you can see how my lips without any lipstick..its dark and pale... My mother always thought that I'm sick when looking at my lips.. So pathetic.. Me without a lipstick will be like a sick mommy! So dull...  

But now thanks to the Butterfly Project Christmas Dinner I get a chance to try a great lips tattoo that really comfort me.. It has no artificial smell or taste that will annoyed you.. and the effect were actually last till 6 hours! You can go shopping happily without to worrying that you are the walking Zombie with a pale lips... Oh thats usually me!

Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the

formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented 

lips and gradually turn them into natural pink

 or rosy tones - Shizens

yeah it really lighten the dark pigmented lips like mine... I love it even after I eat my lip still pinkish.. 

So if anyone of you want to have this star product you can check out this info:

Price: Shizens Lip Tattoo (8ml) retails at RM168 each

Store Locations: Shizens Stores


My review :


Repurchase IntentionDefinitely! 

Newbie Beauty Bloggers,

Shamiera Osment

disclaimer : please forgive me with a poor pic becos my canon is rosak... T_T'

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