Top 5 Best Place to Get Easy Job in Kuala Lumpur.

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Are you searching for a job now? Wanted to work in the famous city in Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur? I'll give the top 5 best place to get the easy job in Kuala Lumpur.

During my job hunting 2 weeks ago, I found out there are actually plenty of job for you to work. It is just either you like it or not... Here is the list that will help you an easy job with only with your SPM...

 1. Ikea Malaysia

Ikea Malaysia situated in Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Every Wednesday, there will organize a walk in interview at their office. Just bring your resume and attend the interview, if you are lucky there are a vacancies for you. Cross your finger and try your luck people! The salary will start at RM8 per hour!


2. New Zealand Natural

New Zealand have various outlets in Kuala Lumpur such as in The Curve and Sunway Piramid. The salary for the kitchen crew will be at RM1300++ ... Great salary with a simple job task.. Scoop the ice cream, making waffle and drinks. I like New Zealand ice cream a lot but then I actually refuse to work there because all the staff in The Curve outlet is a man.. I felt uncomfortable surrounding with guy only..hehe


3. Watsons

Watsons Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur have a plenty of vacancy because the high turnover.The salary will start at RM900++. The job scope will be a sales coordinator in the Watsons itself and being a cashier. 

4. Fast Food Outlets 

Fast food outlet such as KFC and McDonalds always have vacancies and if you wanted to gain an experience just go for it. The salary for KFC are cheaper than McDonalds and McDonalds in Damansara stated that there is a hostel for their staff..Is a good start if you wanted to live in KL.. :)

5. Hypermarket

Hypermarket such as Tesco, Jusco have a very wide opportunity for you to work. Minimum qualification will help you to work in new environment.. The interview also not so hard because there really need you... But still be prepared..

Hope this list will help you out if you are looking for job... 

Good Luck!

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  1. Haaa tu ade.. PapaG dah baca.. Baik utk sesiapa yang tgh cari kerja tu...

  2. keje kat ikea beat jugekk..teringin gk sbrnye..dkt pun dkt..huhhu

    1. pergilah Mul...boleh tengok perabot tiap hari,boleh baring atas katil sedap2

  3. saya! saya nak kerja kt IKEA.hehehe

    1. boleh.hantar resume kat saya

  4. nice sharing ! kerja kat IKEA hari2 boleh makan meatball..hehehe

  5. Best nya kalau dpt keje kat IKEA.... dpt yg dekat2 situ pun jadi lah... hahahahaaa... :p

    sambil-sambil tu jangan lupa GIVEAWAY ain ye.. jemput la join.. InsyaAllah ada dua hari lagi...!! :)
    ParodyMe : 1st Giveaway By Dramatic Uniq.. Wang Tunai RM350 untuk direbut tQ so much...!! :)

  6. nak jadi blogger pun banyak kekosongan

  7. Those places memang Sha suka apply keje masa tengah study dulu. Even part-time pun quite ok gaji dia

  8. kerja tu ade je memana kan..nak dengan taknak je..

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