Life can be so amazing and with one blink of eyes it can turn up to be disaster...

Just like last week me and my kids were on rehearsel for a Dutch Lady event but somehow it turns out they have another of cos felt dissappointed after the time and effort it takes for the event... But then looking at the bright sight it might not our time yet to shine...or maybe it was not supposed the way our life should be.. Yup! I never really want my children to grow to be the famous amous..

To my children you might not understand know how the real life should be, but Bonda just glad were not on the stage today.. Allah have a bigger plan for us right.. Lets move on and rise shine...

Ending up, we having fun at Kidz Paradise at Quill City Mall all day long today...


Life is so short, makes it sweet.


  1. Kak Ami... I feel what you felt.... MAy Allah bless you and your FAMILY...

  2. first time singgah blog ni..kagum. its ok dear..

  3. first time singgah blog ni..kagum. its ok dear..

  4. semoga semuanya berjalan dengan baik...make it sweet

  5. suka dengan playground ada bola2 tu...waktu kecik dulu2 bila arwah bawak pg A&W mesti wajib main haha....

    1. masa akak kecik2 dulu xmerasa main bola2 tu..hihi

  6. Hai Syamiera. It's me Ayuni from Mamee event semalam. Nice blog you have here. Keep on writing and keep in touch :)


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