Washington Apple Commission & Fitness First's Nutrition? Fitness Campaign to Start A Healthy 2016

An apple a day, keep the doctor away... To usher in a healthy 2106, the Washington Apple Commission(WAC) collaborated with Fitness First to launch its 'Go healthy nutrition & fitness lifestyle community campaign' entitled; 

"Apples Everyday, Fitter Every Way!2016"


Fruits and fitness took the spotlight as media and bloggers were treated to a half-day of apples and fitness galore outside Fitness First at Paradigm Mall. The organizers presented a kaleidoscopic array of fun and educational activities to demonstrate how apples, with the combination with a fitness regime, can boost your health and fitness for the new year.

Great fun abounds as the event took off with an energetic performance by Fitness First instructors, paving the way for a great day of carnival-like, interactive and educational fun activities on apples and fitness. 

energetic performance by Fitness First instructors

Most Malaysia have their own favorite apple variety such as Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Crisp Pink, Braeburn, and Jonagold. Many, included myself were delighted surprised to learn that there are up to 20 varieties of Washington Apples available trough the year. As for me, the only apple I know is Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith. huhu

cripps pink






granny smith

red delicious

know your apple

Salad bar

These varieties vary in color and taste, and have specific usage ideal for salads, pie-making, sauce-making, baking, dessert, freezing or simply enjoy as a healthy meal. Participants had a field day getting to know the different types of apples and adventurously made their own blend of apple salads with the apple varieties provided. It my first time I guess to taste the Aurora apples, it does feels good..and of cos it tastes like an apple. :P

WAC mascot

WAC also shared tips, versatility and recipes for healthy apple-inspired recipes and juices/smoothies such as Washington Red Apple Berry Smoothie, Washington Apple Strawberry and Banana Smoothie, Washington Apple Green Apple Smoothie. For more recipes and information, log to www.bestapples.com

Both WAC and Fitness First harbor the same vision to keep Malaysians healthy and fit. Starting with the active Malaysian community, WAC sponsored apple nutrition educational materials to display within Fitness First Club and gave out complimentary apples to gym-goers at Fitness First at Paradigm Mall for a week.

Participants took part in an instagram contest and interactive game session involving Washington apples and fitness. All has an 'applelicious' tme and went home satisfied with complimentary sacks of Washington apples from WAC.

me participating in a balancing games
This balancing games might look simple but you know it pretty hard when you close you eyes. Do try it yourself at home. Put an apple to both hand and raise your hands up, with your eyes close and one feet up. How many minutes or seconds you can stand? For me, as that day record was only 6 seconds..duhh..loser!

instagram contest winner

best dress winner

Washington Apple Commission country representative, Eddie Saw said as Malaysians live busier lifestyles and consume various parts of the Washington state which re blessed with conducive climate, rich volcanic soil, refreshing  cool waters and rivers, equipped with good irrigation system etc - all important factors to growing all types of fresh and tasty Washington apples.

Washington Apple Commission country representative, Eddie Saw
Washington Apple Commission country representative, Eddie Saw

In addition, the Washington State apple industry uses the most stringent grading standards of apples in the country. "It's no wonder every year Washington exports about 30% of their entire production to more than production to more tan 60 countries around the world." enthused Eddie.


An apple is a viable health food choice as it keeps the doctor away, as a wise adage go! Eating one large apple provides 20% of the recommended daily value of dietary fiber, 8% of the antioxidant Vitamin C, and 7% of your day's potassium, all for only 130 calories.. with no fat, no sodium, no cholesterol! The USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend eating 2 cup of fruit each day. So, lets eat an apple everyday people!

Well known Brazillian Coach of EPS Football Club Erika Peres shared her knowledge about nutrition and fitness facts at the campaign and how apples could be nutritional source of natural food which is very versatile and easily available. Erica inherited the love of soccer from her father, Waldir Peres, who was a member of the prestigious Sao Paulo Football Club and represented Brazil in three World Cup Tournament.

Brazillian Coach of EPS Football Club Erika Peres
Brazillian Coach of EPS Football Club Erika Peres

" Apples can be used as a healthy snack in between meals and satisfy hunger for fewer calories. So apples can be considered a good food for part of a healthy diet that promotes weight loss to keep you healthy and fit simultaneously. Apple is also an exercise extender-- eating an apple before you work out may boost your exercise endurance," said Erika.

For more information on Washington Apples, log on to www.bestapples.com

The event end with a great supply of apples for us..hehe..thank you for invites!

A for Apple?

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