Earn More Cash When You Shop at Lazada Malaysia via ShopBack!

Amirrah Othman
Hi everyone!

Have you heard about ShopBack? How does it sound to you the more you shop the more you earn? Cool right? The guilty feeling of overspend will be totally dismissed..hahaha

So let me introduce to you ShopBack, the famous website that currently in Malaysia that will help all the shopaholics like you feels good when shopping... OMG! 

Did you get any clue from the video? So basically ShopBack is a website that pays you to shop with their partnered merchants and there is more than 500 of them. If you frequent online fashion stores like Fashionvalet, Zalora, Lazada and Poplook; enjoy travel deals as well where you can buy travel tickets or booked accommodation on Rail Europe, Expedia and Agoda; or even grab a coupon or two from Groupon, getting some of that money back will save you some serious cash over time and lessen your spending. Or even Tesco online included in this cool cash site. 

So this is how it work :

Firstly of course you have to sign up! Once you click on the blue “OK” button, you’ll get directed to the following pop-ups. These are a set of instructions on how you should set your browser so that cookies are enabled and your shopping purchases can be tracked by Shopback. This step is necessary for getting your money back when you spend online via Shopback.
shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback,

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

So, after a short tutorial given, once you click SHOP NOW you will be heading to your home screen.

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback
home screen

Scrolling down the frame, you’ll see some of the more popular stores online and some categories to help you start your shopping.
Once you get to this stage, all you have to do is just to shop. So today, I’m going to shop at Lazada cos  you can find the latest Lazada voucher and earn cashback at Lazada.My

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback
some of the participant brands
There is so many brand you can find in this Shopback website.. Does it so tempting?

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback
lets go to lazada!

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

When you choose Lazada.com.my it will note you with all the cashback information you'll need to know and have to alert such as if you fashion items at Lazada.com.my you'll get 12.0% cashback! Then, click shop now!

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback
12% cashback i actually big right?

You’ll be re-directed to the online store itself and you can then shop, place your order and make your purchase as per usual. Once you have made a payment, Shopback tracks how much you have paid for your items and you’ll get a percentage of it back. Depending on the merchant, this amount will vary. 

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

So here is the example of your cashback information. So sad mine was still RM0.00.. I rarely made online purchase nowadays due to my economy status..haha

The best part about cashback from Shopback is that you actually do get your money back, either into your Paypal account or your normal bank account. Shopback partners with local banks, such as Maybank, CIMB, Bank Islam and others and all you need to do to get your money credited into your account is to provide very simple details as shown below:

To get to this page, click on “User Payment Setting” beside your name at home screen.

shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

Scroll down on the left and you found the column needed to fill in your bank details. Okay feel free to donate me some money too! haha
shopback Malaysia, how to shop at shopback

Once you’ve filled in your bank details, click on the red “Update Information” button and you’re set! Just sit back and wait for the cash back to be confirmed and categorized under “Redeemable” instead of “Pending.” Then, you can request for cash out and watch the magic happen in your personal bank account. Kaching!

So that the simple step-by-step to earn your money from Cashback.my ! A simple and yet really benefit you when you spend your money. 

Last but not least, here are a couple of more things to keep in mind for a smooth experience:
  1. Do not click on coupon websites
  2. Only use coupons that ShopBack.my provide
  3. Use the same device throughout (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  4. Enable cookies on your device
If the cashback does not appear in your account after a few days, just contact their customer service along with the vouchers you have purchased.

So hurry up and Sign Up Here!


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