PT3 Note 2016

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Hi readers,

Just wanted to share to you the message I got from Whatsapp group that I think will benefits others. 

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Is the second year of PT3 and many have struggle with the first year and said it is hard. So this note hopefully could help you a little.. Insha Allah..

BI     :
PAI   :
SN     :

And this is a SPM note from the Principal of Sekolah Men Keb Sek 18, Shah Alam.

Let’s start sharing knowledge and help others..

 Bahasa Inggeris :
 Bahasa Melayu :
 Bahasa Arab:
 Biologi :
 Ekonomi Asas :
 Ekonomi Rumah Tangga :
 Geografi :
 Kesusasteraan Melayu :
 Matematik Moden :
 Matematik Tambahan :
 Pengajian Al Quran dan As Sunnah :
 Pengajian Syariah Islamiah :
 Pendidikan Moral :
 Pendidikan Agama Islam :
 Perdagangan :
 Prinsip Perakaunan :
 Sains Sukan :
 Sejarah :
 Tasawwur Islam :
 Reka Cipta :

Hope it will benefit everyone...

All the best in your exam!

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  1. adik ambil PT3 tahun ni..moga dia dapat menjawab soalan dengan tenang...

  2. Giliran anak sulung saya SPM dan yg ke 2 PT3 tahun depan... heavy juga dua2 ada exam ni nanti huhu... apa pun, all the best for all candidates! :)

    1. all the best to both of them! semoga cemerlang..

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