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PAPAHUG & MAMAKISS BY SHIDIE SAHAQ fragrance products is fully owned by Shidie Haq, a local entrepreneur who started his business around 2014. Fragrance by Shidie Haq is the first product of his own company, Global Enterprise Shidierich.

PAPAHUG fragrance is a fragrance inspired for a men; while fragrance MAMAKISS is inspired for a women. Both of these fragrances have an EDP quality ie with concentrations of up to 65% -75% perfume inspired to make this more concentrated than other perfume on the market. Our perfume oil is imported from France, Switzerland and Germany and that is why its quality standards is almost the same as contained in the original perfume at the shopping complex.

PAPAHUG & MAMAKISS BY SHIDIESAHAQ, perfume malaysia, artis perfume,

In addition, the size of a cute 35ml volume makes it easier to carry anywhere. For durability fragrance, an average of the feedback received from customers is more than 8 hours can take up to 12 hours. Even their clothes spray can achieve durability up to 24 hours (1 day). Study after study has also been conducted to ensure that this perfume inspired is 90- 99% same as original perfume smell but sold at a much cheaper price. 

Also this is a fragrance inspired prayers and halal-friendly products with free alcohol and no substance banned in Islam. It is also the best choice for the whole family. In line with current market arena, fragrance products by shidiesahaq has also involved a with a few local artists in support of the business promotion and marketing. 

PAPAHUG & MAMAKISS BY SHIDIESAHAQ, perfume malaysia, artis perfume,

Some artists have been given this fragrance for free and they have done a review for example an IG review with no cost. Among the artists who have tried this fragrance is Azhar AF (former member of duo Azhael), Taufik Ola Bola, Shura Badron and Lan Kristal. In addition, the company is pleased to sponsor a number of programs and activities involving artists such as fully sponsored video music production for a new single titled ‘Bulan Rindu’ by Linda Eva (former vocalist of Eva Group). 

PAPAHUG & MAMAKISS BY SHIDIESAHAQ, perfume malaysia, artis perfume,

The company also has also sponsored celebrities sport activities such as futsal and badminton friendly match between the local team sports celebrities with corporate organizations. The cooperation between the company and local celebrities to some extent managed to put this products, PAPAHUG and MAMAKISS famous and our social media platforms such as Instagram is now has more than 11,000 followers and the number of followers is growing from day to day.

PAPAHUG & MAMAKISS BY SHIDIESAHAQ, perfume malaysia, artis perfume,

This is one of the positive feedback that we received from this collaboration. Hopefully, with this partnership, the company is capable of realizing its mission and to make perfume PAPAHUG and MAMAKISS by Shidisahaq is famous not only in domestic market but also to an international market. 

Among the fragrances that are hot in the market are as follows: - 

1) Dunhill Desired Red 
2) Desired Blue Dunhill 
3) One Million 
4) 212Sexy 
5) Jadore 
6) Forbidden Rose 
7) Be Delicious 
8) Midnight Fantasy 
9) Purr 
10) Bombshell 
11) Gucci Flora 
12) Hugo Boss Red 

For more information on these products, please feel free to contact them at:- 

Shidierich Global Enterprise 311, 
Block 3 Jalan Rim 8/1 section 8 
40000 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 019 2978724/016 9601297 


Instagram: @byshidiesahaq 

Facebook: Papahug Mamakiss 


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