Waxing is Easier with Norah Wax

shamiera osment

Hi everyone...If you had waxing before you should know the benefits of it right? Recently, I've been trying a wax from Norah and my life have been much more easier since then.

Waxing is Easier with Norah's Wax

Norah is a hair removal product that specially design to remove unwanted hair from the root.It is 100% organic and made from honey, lemon extract and tea tree oil. And what special about this wax is, it came in two types which is hot and cold.

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Hot Wax

Norah Hot Wax is specially design to offer spa waxing treatment at home. It helps you to have more privacy and economical experience at your own place. So, I've been using this hot Wax and it feel great cos you can experience the waxing like in a spa but more privacy. 😎

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How to use :

1. Heat it in for 10seconds in the microwave or heat in hot water.

2. Let it rest for a while.

3. Apply it at the unwanted hair, and Pat it with the given cloth.

4. Remove the cloth and rinse it.

Cold Wax

Norah Cold Wax is specially design to use on the go. It doesn't have to be reheat thus it is suitable for traveling. So, it easy to be use. You just need to open the bottle and apply it at the area that you wanted.

Norah Advantages :

1. Remove unwanted hair from the root.
2. Slowing hair growth.
3. Soft and smooth skin.
4. Brighten the skin.

So unlike shaving. Shaving will darken your skin, will make the hair growth faster, give irritation to your skin and also will add an ingrown hair to your body. 

For more information :

Contact : Madeehah - +6012 510 4741

Let's start waxing and stop shaving! 

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  1. Bagus sebab cabut sampai ke akar . hihi

  2. nice share..nasib baik sy x de berbulu..hehe

  3. Eh akak nak try la...tau benda ni bagus..

  4. kawan sha ada guna this product memang best

  5. wah..tak penah try, tapi tgk video slalu mcm sekda je.... tapi nak try jugak at least skali next time...and this product look promising

  6. wahh.. 100% organik? kesannya mesti lebih selamat. :D

  7. macam menarik jee.. macam best je.. satu je nak tanya, sakit ke idok??hehehee..

  8. Nampak menarik...tp sakit x..

  9. Macam tak dapat bayangkan bila pakai product ni ..menarik2 tapi bila nak tanggalkan berair mata jugak

  10. okay tak result dia? Dah lama dengar produk ni.....

  11. Huhuhu..mmg x berani wax ni, pernah cuba sekali lps tu x nk dah..last2 laser je..hehehe

  12. ramai yg kata produk ni bagus. boleh la lain kali cuba

  13. OMG Nak wax hehehe kita pernah buat dulu zaman tak pandai terus ada kesan kat kulit wakakkakaka..

  14. Risau memalam ada yang sapu benda nie dekat muka bro time tidur... celik mata jadi jambu pula nanti

  15. Wow rasa nak try pula.. dapat juga hilangkan bulu-bulu halus

  16. Cooll ada cold wax jugak. Nak try ni

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