Extravaganza Gala Night by Ilham Qaseh

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Extravaganza Gala Night by Ilham Qaseh - Hi Hijabis. As someone who wear hijab they are plenty of shawl that I had try in my life. Also in this developing country many hijab company are competing to provide the best to their customer.

Ilham Qaseh is one of the hijab company that successful in providing their hijab to the hijabis. They have been in the market for 5 years, and of course a great company like this will make a Gala Night to cellebrate their fans and top agents over the Malaysia.

ootd of the day!

It was an honor to be invited to this great event last Saturday. I was so stunned with all the sporting guest that came that day wearing exactly based on theme that night - Black Tie and Glam. Indeed everyone so suit up and glamorous that night. Luckily, I still have my old dress that not so glamour but okay-lah to wear in this gala night.

mc of the day

The event that hosted by Zahid and Kak Bed were so happening with so many others attracting activities. There is 100 lucky draw to be one, and I'm glad I still have my luck that night. Maybe the blessing of buying my kids pyjamas before the event. Hihi..

the founder with top agent

Other than that, the guest were entertain by 3 different artist such as Abstrak Hingga Ke Bulan that night. The Ilham Qaseh fans that also known as QisLover also were arwarded with best dress award and also a Grand Prize of RM1000 voucher for lucky draw. Top agent with a total sales of RM81,000.00 were awarded with RM1000 and a big prize(they said it was LV!). Congrats to all winners. It was a great night.

Lucky Draw winner
Excellent Dealer Award
Founder with her Qislover
Despite of the great event that happening that night, I was rather attracted to the hijab itself. Everyone at the event wearing the hijab and looks stunning and had so much confident. The founder itself is so beautiful and giving a good aura to her agents and fans. 

The founder of Ilham Qaseh, ROSNIZAN MD NAWI aka Che Zan with her kids

The founder of Ilham Qaseh, ROSNIZAN MD NAWI aka Che Zan, is a Performing Arts Graduated from MARA University Of Technology (UiTM). She is a DIRECTOR and DESIGNER of ILHAM QASEH BOUTIQUE, a leading Hijab Fashion Online.

Ilham Qaseh founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing the best Knitted Shawl & high-quality fabric to the trends and fashion. The knitted shawl if you dont know you might think it is hot to wear but from my experience wearing the shawl that I got from the dinner, it is light and very very easy to wear. 

Ilham Qaseh shawls definitely :

✅ Easy to wear and can be wear in various style.
✅ Light material and not hot knitted fabrics.
✅ Don't need to be iron, wrinkles free.
✅ Glamorous with so many colors and design.
✅ Comfortable to be wear even without wearing any inner/snow cap.

Wearing Qaseh Wide Shawl

They also 4 types of shawl that is :

1. Qaseh Instant Shawl.
2. Qaseh Wide Shawl.
3. Qaseh Easy Shawl.
4. Qaseh Twist Shawl.

​​Beside shawls they also offering accessories and clothing, from own selection by founder herself. The brooch looks so beautiful too, maybe I nned to purchase a stock for this hari raya. And yes, not forgetting they are releasing their new square hijab soon! 

brooch by IQ

Hopefully Ilham Qaseh will continues to strive by bring us the latest design and high-quality product as their mission.

For more information about this products, go to :


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