Natugee X Mrs World Malaysia ‘Healthy Is The New Happy! A Better You Today.

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Natugee X Mrs World Malaysia ‘Healthy Is The New Happy! A Better You Today. | Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to join the event in Furama Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Natugee, skincare products with organic based collaborate with Mrs Malaysia World organized a corporate social responsibility event in conjunction with Pinktober to commemorate and raise awareness about breast cancer. 

Do you have anyone suffer with breast cancer? As for me, I had a late auntie who passed away cos of cancer. It such a heartbreaking time for the whole family, and lately we found out another auntie is suffer with breast cancer too. This issue, is important to us nowadays because lot of people taking this issue so lightly. Thus, Healthy is the New Happy came out, and I felt it is the true for nowadays issue.

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me during the event

'Healthy Is The New Happy! A Better You Today' were held to empower women's health. It is a drive to improve the quality of life of women and highlights their important role in shaping the future leaders for better living in peace and harmony. As they said, woman is the head of the households, if the woman is sick or unhappy all the households will be affected too.

Day by day, we read the news about depression and many died because of it. And because of that issue, the event was also held on the concerns of both organizations to mental health problems among women, which the number of patients increased by the day. Why are we the number one patients? Yet, only woman or moms will understood the situation are right?

Natugee X Mrs World Malaysia ‘Healthy Is The New Happy! A Better You Today,  Furama Bukit Bintang Hotel ,Waka-Waka Kuala Lumpur,  theAsian Parent Malaysia,  CHIIO, Bondahaven, Narinar, Lovera, Wirdora, Tun Teja, Eori, Natugee, Mrs World Malaysia,
Dr. Linda Mat Hassin
The first session with Dr. Linda Mat Hassin exposed participants on the symptoms of hormonal imbalance that affects the health and lifestyle. Dr Linda Mat Hassin was Graduated Degree in Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics of UCSI University, she was also recognized as a practitioner of advanced hormone from International Hormone Society, Belgium under the tutelage of Dr. Hertoghe known as the 'Father of Hormones'.

She is now the CEO of Radiant Clinique actively involved in giving lectures mostly related to the quality of life and better health for the corporate companies and the public. During her speech, she distribute us with some questionnaire that question our habit/issue that related with our hormone. And she also explain various issue regarding the hormone, causes and also how take care of it. 

Mrs. Rena Rifaee

The second session with Mrs. Rena Rifaee educates women about the misconceptions of skincare products. Although it is cosmetically based undoubtedly it can contribute to women problems. 

Mrs. Rena Rifaee Natugee,is a CEO of Natugee Sdn Bhd that established by her in 2016, and currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. She is 37 years old and a mother of five children. As the founder, her expertise in this field and owns a Diploma in Organic Skincare from Formula Botanica, United Kingdom. Mrs. Rena really emphasizes on the ingredients and formulations, in line with its goal to produce simple products but effective and safe to use.

She also stressed out the important of reading the product label before you bought your skincare and make up because those harms ingredients can affect your health and sometime lead to cancer. This awareness is important for woman because not everything that is good to your skin it actually a good product, it might contain mercury or etc. Therefore she suggest woman to use organic skincare or makeup to ensure healthy life.

The Panel ( from left) Puan Rena Rifaee, Datin Diana Danielle, Datin Harveen Kumar & Dr. Linda Mat Hassin

Main highlight is during the forum 'A New Formula For Happiness!' that discusses on skin health, hormones, stress management and mental health. It involves a four-member panel that is Dr Linda Mat Hassin  Mrs. Rena Rifaee Natugee, Datin Harveen Kaur and Datin Diana Danielle.

Datin Harveen Kaur, was Mrs. Malaysia World 2017 and currently were Mrs. Malaysia World National Director. She hold a career as a surgical nurse, a mother of three children, make Mrs. Malaysia World as a platform to inspire women regardless of status, race and background rear. While Datin Diana Danielle is an actor born in the United States, Datin Diana has starred in dozens of films and dramas, she is also known as famous models and celebrity. She is wife to a famous movie actor, Dato 'Farid Kamil, the couple is blessed with two children, Muhammad and Nur Aurora. In this sharing, Diana shared her experience suffering from anxiety disorders that cause her extreme distress and depression. 

According to founder and CEO Natugee Sdn Bhd, Mrs. Rena Rifaee, a woman carried a big role till they neglect their own health."Not only as a wife and mother, in the meantime they are also child to their parents, employees or she may own a company, she is the employer. Their 'Hats' often turn arounds as well as their responsibility that increased. If they do not know how to handle emotions well, it leads to depression,” she said. 

Therefore, it is important for every woman always ensuring they are in good health, not only physical but mental health as its impact on themselves and those around them. Mrs Rena shared her depression experience as well, she faced it because of her changing lifestyle, work stress and health problems of her children. At that time, she did not get treatment. The situation gets more tense after giving birth to her fourth baby.

"I joined a community group and found that many factors that contribute to depression. I began to DIY products that I use, change my diet and lifestyle, "she added.

During her sharing, I'm so touched with her stories and shed tears. hihi.. I can felt her struggle during her hard time and felt that her success today was an inspiration for woman like me.

The finalist of Mrs Malaysia World 2019/2020.

Meanwhile, Datin Harveen Kaur shares her endless spirit journey to join Mrs Malaysia World although initially failed to make it. However, her strong determination has result her to be crowned as Mrs World Malaysia 2017.

She strongly encourages women to take care of their health, build self-confidence and enhance the personality as a woman, wife and mother, to become an inspiration to others. She has a simple advice to woman to take care of yourself first than the other to ensure your life is happy and well.

All the VIP with the sponsored of the event

TQ the Asian Parent Malaysia for the invite

Overall, it was a great evening I had for that day and so happy with the sharing session from all panels that day. Thank you for having me and I do enjoy all the food and service served by Furama Bukit Bintang.

my goodies that day
Natugee X Mrs World Malaysia ‘Healthy Is The New Happy! A Better You Today supported by:

Location: Furama Bukit Bintang Hotel & Waka-Waka Kuala Lumpur
Official Media Partner: theAsian Parent Malaysia
Official Decoration: CHIIO
Official Photographer: PRIV Studio
Souvenir Sponsored: Bondahaven, Narinar, Lovera, Wirdora, Tun Teja & Eori

From the goodies bag I received that day, I'm so in love with this 4 products from the sponsors :

1. Natugee


Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion 

Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion, natugee, natugee review,
Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion 20ml 

A creamy, silky, emulsion-based cleanser carefully formulated with a blend of powerful age spot reduction, skin lightening and barrier repair vitamin B3 to boost the production of ceramides and fatty acids. It melts into pores, gently exfoliates and remove daily grime, lifting out the impurities and soothing the skin. I love how this deep cleansing lotion helps to balance my skin PH and kept it moisturize.

Natugee Happy Skin Mask

natugee, Natugee Happy Skin Mask, natugee review,
Natugee Happy Skin Mask

The mask will help to: Improve firmness and elasticity, Shrink enlarged pores, tone, tighten and refine, Clear blackheads, pimples, and acne, Lighten and brighten skin. So yes, who doesn't love using mask with this much benefits right?

For more information go to

2. Wirdora Rivoli Swarovski Brooch Set

Wirdora Rivoli Swarovski Brooch Set

This will be my first Wirdora collection and I love this set. It complete for hijabist like me. Love the sparkle from it. For your information, Wirdora™ is a leading hijab accessories brand in Malaysia, using genuine Swarovski crystals imported from Austria. 

3. Narinar Essential Oils

FRANKIE Essential Oil

Narinar Frankie is a combination of exotic plant concentrated that formulated specifically for infants and all ages. Frankie is made from natural ingredients, a blend of natural essential oils such as lavender, lemon and mint. More specifically, it also contains frankinsence which has many benefits to health.

Frankie can reduce stress with the availability of lavender, relieve breathing, relax the phlegm, dilute nausea, and even stabilize hormones. By using vitaflex sequencing techniques, frankie absorption is more effective and can strengthen the bond between mother and child. Love the scent and it benefits for me and my kids.

4. Eori Eczema Wonder Skin Oil

Eori Eczema Wonder Skin Oil
After trying the Eori Eczema Wonder Skin Oil, I love  how excellent it moisturizer to hydrate your dry, itchy, flaky and painful skin. The Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agents will protect your body from wound infection. Using it to my kids and it works well.

5. Bondahaven Aeromatheraphy Oil

Relaxing Aromatheraphy Rollers

Relaxing Aromatheraphy Rollers from Bondahaven Spa is good to enhance your positives vibes during your moody day. It is from 100% pure essential oils of calming Lavender, uplifting Bergamot, revitalizing Basil, and balancing Grapefruit. I do use it to helps me calm during the hectic day and it does helps me relax.

More information go to :

my kids at waka waka KL

And also special thanxs to Waka Waka KL for sponsoring the playland for my kids to spent time during that event. Everyone was enjoyed playing at the play land and only want to go back half an hour before it closed. I will definitely come back and bring the kids there soon!

Healthy is the New Happy!


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