FoodPanda's New Safety Committee to Fight Against COVID-19!

Amirrah Othman
FoodPanda's New Safety Committee to Fight Against COVID-19! | Hi everyone! How everyone doing during this pandemic days? For me its been great staying at my hometown with my parents but of course me and my kids missing my husband that have to work in PJ. Petaling Jaya have a high case in Selangor and everyone have to stay safe.

One way to stay safe while having a good meal is with food delivery. Food delivery service is very popular during this pandemic season, it have a very high demand especially in the suburban area. But despite of the high demand, there is still a doubt on the safety of their service. Due of this concern, FoodPanda one of the top food delivery service in Malaysia, make the safety precautions for all their customer and riders or even the food premises.

FoodPanda Malaysia

FoodPanda's New Safety Committee to Fight Against COVID-19.

During the recent outbreak, foodpanda APAC has mobilised to build the Business Continuity Planning (BCP), a dedicated committee whom are in charge of implementing measures to ensure the health and safety of employees and service partners alike. The committee is made up of a tightened cross-functional team of foodpanda APAC business leaders, including C-level executives, regional and local Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) teams as well as regional and local HR Teams. It is chaired by foodpanda’s CEO, Jakob Angele. 

FoodPanda Safety Commitee

In line with the recommendations from the MOH, BCP has already implemented a series of dynamic measures: 

  1. Mandatory temperature checks twice a day for employees, recommended temperature checks for delivery partners. 
  2. Facilitating working from home arrangements and conference calls for office employees 
  3. Planning a split team arrangement to reduce the person-person contact. 
  4. Establishing guidelines for working from home for employees taking public transport and employees who are unwell. 
  5. Implementation of business-travel suspension within and between Asia-Pacific, Europe and MENA until at least the end of March 2020. 
  6. Planned internal and external group events/conferences have been cancelled. 

The company has also developed dedicated communication measures to ensure all employees and service partners are well informed of the personal hygiene steps they should now incorporate regularly. Circulating internal info-graphics, setting up dedicated telegram channels with delivery partners and having all members of the BCP available for any queries, foodpanda wants to ensure all parts of their panda family feel safe and supported during this time.

By setting up these precautionary measures FoodPanda hope to have created a first line of protection, which we will then regulate in line with the continued recommendations from the MOH. During this time, it is of the utmost importance that their employees and partners feel supported, informed and safe. 

With the implementation guideline given by FoodPanda team, I bet many feel secured with the food delivery service they gave. My husband told me that there is high demand of FoodPanda services around our house, and we still didn't hear any FoodPanda rider are positive to Covid-19 because of the job they doing right now right? I hope everyone will be safe during this critical time.

I hope in my hometown also offer more food delivery service because my mom has diabetic, so we avoid going out very often. Anyhow, I hope everyone will stay safe and stay at home to stop the spread of this virus. Together we can win this battle. 

Source: Press Release

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