Loose Stretch Mark with Stretch Mark Serum Oil by All About Coco.

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Loose Stretch Mark with Stretch Mark Serum Oil by All About Coco. | Stretch Mark after pregnancy was woman worst enemy and many choose to avoid pregnancy because of afraid loosing their tight and clear belly. While some choose not to be pregnancy, many out there including care less about it and still choose to carried on the pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy journey is a beautiful and miraculous journey and to make it more great journey, mommies have to be supported with mentally and physically. Physical aspect are included medication and also pregnancy needs such as clothes, pillow or even stretch mark serum oil. During my pregnancy journey, stretch mark oil is a must thing I had and my mother in law also the one who advice me to applied it to avoid stretch mark. 

During my first pregnancy 8 years ago, I'm not aware of stretch mark oil and maybe there was a stretch mark cream but it's not a pregnancy friendly product. Here in 2020 you can easily find stretch mark oil and one of it is from All About Coco.  The idea behind All About Coco was created by mothers who understand the struggles and challenges that only mother go throughout their pregnancy journey. The formula was inspired by a specialist who combined science and nature to create this all natural maternity body care.

The ingredients are all carefully selected based on their high quality and benefits. All ingredients are tested for effectiveness and safety at a lab certified by the Ministry of Health and Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia. The main ingredient are included ; Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Ginger Extract and Temulawak. This ingredients is safe for pregnancy mothers and have many benefits.

4 Main Benefits Stretch Mark Oil Serum by All About Coco are :

  1. Moisturize & protect skin
  2. Fade & eliminate stretch marks
  3. Removes toxins & launches the detox process
  4. Improves blood circulation, relieves body aches & cramps

Other benefits you can gain by using it frequently are ; it can helps to keeps the skin young and refined, helps to removes gas in the body, helps to promote the removal of impurities in the intestines, help to protect and brighten skin, and to moisturize and prevent itchiness. The Temulawak is known with it benefits to brighten skin, thus with the ingredient in the product it can helps you to brighten your skin and I bet every mom want to get rid thus dark belly after your pregnancy right?


As someone who had gift birth recently, I took n initiative to apply this products to reduce the appearance of stretch mark on my belly and I love the product scent and its consistency that its not too oily and sticky. Its also best to used as massage oil and its great cos I love to ask my kids to massage my feet, and my kids love this serum oil. All About Coco Stretch Mark Serum Oil also best to be used with the number tightening cream and this perfect pair is the best gift for mothers.

This product is HALAL certified from JAKIM can last up to 2 months for one bottle. I wish I knew this product during my first pregnancy but still I heard it can helps me reduce my stretch mark in one month! If you wanted to get rid of your too do try it out mommies and use this code MIERA10 to enjoy 10% discount on your purchase at their website. Yay!

For more information go to :

Facebook : All About Coco
Instagram : @allaboutcocoofficial
Email : coco.info.my@gmail.com


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  1. I use coco no.1.. I hope it will reduce my cellulite also...

  2. Thumbs up brother nice and informatic content keep it up. here you can see Best Korean Moisturizers for Beautiful Skin: https://medium.com/@parafragrance/the-15-best-korean-moisturizers-for-beautiful-skin-para-fragrance-cbcdc5e683cc

  3. Macam tau2 je ana tengah cari produk yang berkesan nak hilangkan stretch mark ni. Boleh lah cuba serum oil dari all by coco ni. Tahan lama pulak tu kan.

  4. can recommend this product to a friend because she has use lots of product but the mark still there

  5. Macam best jugak produk ni Aami. KakYa pon nak try jugak la nanti nak hilangkan scretch mark yang adooo ni ...

  6. Good product for all mothers yg baru bersalin. Packaging Dia pun cantik. Product Ini dari negara mana ya?

  7. Strect mark ni memng maslh mak2 ye.. Hahaha.. Okla produk ni kalau boleh hilangkan kesan strct mark.. Nak pergi cari

  8. Stretch marks nie memang masalah besar bagi mums kan - my sisters asyik minta I tengokkan produk yang boleh bantu hilangkan kesan kat mereka. So I will recommed this one to them. TQ

  9. Haaa helok benar la jmpa produk mcmni. Mcm tau2 je kita mmg mencari.. Nnt kita guna la code miera. Boleh dpt less kan?

  10. Wahh mcm menarik tp ena takde stretch mark kedua2 ank. Maybe next baby boleh standby survey ni plak. Hehe.

  11. Strech mark tu memang payah nak hilang. Lagi payah kalau tak cuba langsung. Hehe. Ruby sapu je minyak bila sebelum tidur. Nak buat masa siang, macam takda masa. Mak mak mak kan.

  12. Ingatkan main ingredient dia choco sebab nama jenama dia macam tu hehe kunyit memang bagus untuk pulihkan kulit kan.

  13. wah.. yang no.2 ni boleh hilangkan strecth mark yea.. TB pernah pakai yang No.1 je.. bestnya kalau boleh hilangkan strecth mark.. yang no. 1 tu best TB pakai.. sebab berangin n panas berpanjangan .. yang no.2 ni panas tak?

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