Healthy Screen Time with KoolOptix Spectacles.

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Healthy Screen Time with KoolOptix Spectacles. | CMCO in Malaysia makes the school have to be closed earlier than before but than learning process still on going using the technology nowadays. Apart of doing homework online, kids also have plenty of time watching the television, playing game on hand phone and laptop.

This habit eventually will harm your kids beautiful eyes and to avoid things get worse, I grab a glasses from KoolOptix that is Blue Light Blocker Specialist. KoolOptix are the ORIGINAL Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids online! Their glasses are designed to protect both kids and adults from the harmful effects of blue light in today’s digital world.

My kids love it!

Why Screen Glasses? 

Your kids' eyes face detrimental consequences when exposed to blue light for a prolonged period. The average time that kids spend on screens has doubled in four years, according to various surveys. These mediums radiate the high-intensity blue light. 

If your eyes are not shielded against it, it begins to pose the following side effects:

• Dryness and itchiness of eyes
• Continual eye-fatigue
• Headache leading to long-term ailments such as migraine
• Disturbed sleep patterns
• Mental exhaustion

Research also found that blue light causes thermal stress that can lead to long term problems of “age-related macular degeneration.” And as a parent, you must feel responsible for your kids right? So why not grab this cool KoolOptix glasses that can be choose from different style that includes :

1. Toddler Ages 2-6

durable and 3 color to choose from

2. Kids Ages 6-10

Durable and has 3 color to choose from

3. Teens Ages 10+

3 color to choose from

4. Fashion Teens Ages 7+ (Non Flex)

Zahra and Fateh love the non flex

What's Included when you buy a pair of glasses at KoolOptix :

• 1 Pair of KoolOptix Spectacles
• 1 Protective Casing
• 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
• 1 Blue Light Testing Card
• 1 Mini LED Flashlight
• FREE Premium Eyewear Cord (Fashion Teens design not included)

The lens filter light 

What I love more about this spectacles is we can do the Blue Light Filter test on our own using the light and card they provided. The simple test help us understand better about the Blue Light Filter function. My kids also understood about it better and wear it immediately after that.

Without Blue Light Filter

After almost a month wearing it, I found that Zahra did not complaint anymore about her headache. She enjoy wearing her glasses and she also manage to sleep early at night. This glasses also easy to handle where you also can wash it a little soap and just rinse it. 

So I do recommend every parent to buy this great spectacles for your kids, especially if your kids is a heavy user of this gadgets and games. Let's protect our kids eyes with this Blue Light Filter glasses before they end up become nearsighted/farsighted later!

For more information about KoolOptix go to :

Let's Love Our Eyes!

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  1. Yes with Kool Optix children get to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of blue light. The best part is the frame of the spectacles is so flexible. :)

  2. Marsha nak belikan anak-anak kool optik ni. Yang 3 tahun tu memang tgk ipad je kerjanya. Bestnya dia boleh buat lasak.

  3. Untuk sekolah menengah ada tak? Bagus untuk protect mata anak. Anak nak lasak-lasak pun tak risau dah. Eiza dah follow blog ni. Nanti follow semula blog eiza ye. Stay safe mommy.

  4. bagus lah produk ni untuk anak2 kan. dah la senang nak cuci. recommended for all parents

  5. bagus produk ni utk anak2 yg ada masalah nak sesuaikan dengan cermin mata diorang. tambah skrg kena belajar secara on9 kan..cermin mata mcm ni agak penting jugak

  6. Bagus untuk anak2 ada 1 cermin mata ni. Musim c19 ni semua pembelajaran guna skrin.
    Yg tak blajar pun sonok main gajet..elok la ada 1 cermkn mata cmni ☺

  7. Interesting product, I'll keep this in mind, didn't know there are such products in the market.

  8. Menarik ni.. Sekarang sekolah pun tutup, kalau tak kelas online pun mesti banyak juga tengok TV kan. Produk sebegini sangatlah bermanfaat untuk mengelakkan rabun pada masa akan datang.

  9. Memang kena ada ni jika ada kanak-kanak.. sebab cegah mata tu dr cepat rosak..anak saudara Sis pun ada guna.. lagi satu tahan lasak, walaupun dh berapa kali kena pijak hahahaha

  10. Now my kids facing laptop every day online class, the KoolOptix Spectacles really is good for them. Prevention better than cure la

  11. Bagusla ada spek untuk anka2. Sekrg diaorg banyak tengok online je. Risau mata sakit kan. Tahan lasak juga spek ni.. Harga pun murah

  12. Sedih tgk budak2 kecik dah pakai spek tebal kan. So kalau dpt cegah dari awal ni mmg terbaik la. Tambah plak bdk2 skang mmg kerap guna gadget. Nak halang pun susah sebab class pun dah online 😅

  13. this definitely seems like a necessity for children these days who are stuck to their electronic devices!

  14. Bagus tuk anak² ini. Sebab sekarang semua kelas online, nak tak nak kena bgi juga anak² tengok fon.

  15. Memang digalakkan anaj2 memakai KoolOptix ni bagi elakkan rabun mata

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