The Three Village Boys

Storybook is something that always be my favorite choice in selecting gift for my children. Last Sunday, I had an opportunity to went for a official launch of a children story book The Three Village Boys.

The Three Village Boys, a children story book penned by Dr Liza Mydin has been published before in 2012. With objective to remind the young generation that there is a bigger purpose in life, Liza, mother of three, also expressed her hopes that her book can assist parents and children to have guided conversations about morals, social justice and ethics.

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,

The launch was grace by Prof Abbas Mirakhor, a renowed scholar and economist and a strong proponent of social justice. He on his speech felt that he is very proud with Dr.Liza Mydin achivement during her PHD and of cos until now. 

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,
Prof Abbas Mirakhor

Dr.Liza Mydin believes that morals must be taught to children at an early stage " Good values which is being instilled on our children since early age will help build a strong society for the next generation," she said.

She also mentioned that the book was written for two main reasons. One is to expand the children's imagination and pique their curious mind as they go through the adventure together with the characters of the three village boys named Youssef, Zayed and Omar. And the second reason is to introduce issues such as income disparity and unjust actions inflicted on citizens.

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,
Liza Mydin

With the book, Dr.Liza Mydin hopes that it could help parents to guide their children to understand the matter and try make a difference. Storybooks exactly one of those tools we as parents can use to educate our children but many have forgotten the value of it.

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,

During the launching event that day, we also had been entertained with a story telling by Shena and Awan Busker. I don't remember the last time I listen to the story telling and Shena really entertain us that day.

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,
Shena and Awan Buskers

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,
Dr.Liza with Prof. Abbas and her husband and her mother

The Three Village Boys, Liza Mydin, Prof Abbas Mirakhor,
Photo opportunity with Liza Mydin

Me and blogger friends with Prof. Abbas

The Three Village Boys, a 26-page book, is enhanced with colourful illustrations to make the story telling journey more memorable and enjoyable. The first edition of the book was published in 2012 and available on the Amazon UK, US and Barnes and Noble stores for the international market. The current edition, which is upgraded to hardcover is now available for online purchase at

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Ana Suhana Ana Suhana 17 November 2017 at 12:14
Betul tu ami. Kita kena terapkan nilai2 murni dkt anak2 dr mereka kecil lg. Bak kata pepatah meluntur biar dr rebung. Bagus buku ni. Boleh lah dptkan nanti.
Miza Talib Miza Talib 17 November 2017 at 13:11
Bagus buku ne. Anak-anak dapat berimaginasi dan teruja nak rasai pengalaman macam 3 budak dalam watak buku ne
Tunsha Ayunie Tunsha Ayunie 17 November 2017 at 13:35
Zaman sekarang ramai yang suap anak-anak dengan gadget. Alhamdulillah masih ada yang usaha untuk terapkan nilai-nilai murni melalui buku macam ni. By the way, lawanya wajah penulis :)
Nadia Johari Nadia Johari 17 November 2017 at 16:55
bagus buku ni..sekarang pun ajar fariza benda-benda yang bagus..takde gadget sangat
Fuzy Hamid Fuzy Hamid 17 November 2017 at 18:19
menarik buku ni..tapi anak akk dh besar..