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Amirrah Othman

Hi beautiful people! Do you love buying beauty box? Me? Of course I do especially if it is from Althea Korea, the price is insanely madness and the items you get is a top brand. Recently, I bought Althea Lazy Sunday box from Althea! Wee!

Guess what so special about this Althea Lazy Sunday box? For me this Lazy Sunday box is really suitable for mommy like me cos everything in the box is a quick fit thing. And what is that?

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Althea Lazy Sunday box contains 6 cool items, which is : 

1. Calmia Cleansing Tissue

One of the easy way to remove your make up is using a cleansing tissue. When I'm on the go this kind of product are always in my handbag especially when you have to go for pray, the cleansing tissue helps me to remove my make up easily. As a mother also, I do use it a lot when I don't have much time to be at my make up table when my baby screaming for milk.. so just grab one pieces of it and wipe my make up during breastfeeding time..haha

This Calmia removed my everyday make up easily and even the eyeliner is clean well. The tissue also smells good,

2. Laneige Quick Toner Pack

For the first time in my life I felt the best toner in the world I can say so. It is because it is so easy to use, just opened the pack and pat to your face. Leave it a while. So calming and soothing. Then throw it away. Haha.. so so good for lazy people and of course good if you are going for travel. No more worries to bring on your toner on flight cos it is not in a bottle and it is not heavy as usual too!

keep ca1m and wear your laneige quick toner pack

3. Wangskin Moist Soothing Cream

Honestly, this is my first time heard about Wangskin and when you received the product you can even read anything at the bottle or box. I need to learn Korea soon cos when you addicted to the product, you will need it. But eventhough it my first time trying the Wangskin, I love it. I love the texture, is lightweight, have no unpleasant odor and not oily. After a week using it, I noticed my pores are more smaller. So yes, do try it out peeps!

4. Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher.

When you wanted something effective and quick this Saemmul Cream Stick blusher is one of the must-have items in your make up bag. It easy to use, easy to carried and the color sticks well to your cheeks. I love how easy the function is and the light color is also cool as I really don't like pinkish cheek.

you can choose your color too

5. Etude House Concealer

Concealer also is one of the cool items for a quick fix and the Etude House concealer is also one of my favorite nowadays. I just need to apply it at my trouble skin area and I'm good to go. This Etude House concealer also great after hours using it. It corrected my scars and pores well too.

6. 1004 Laboratory Deep Blue Collagen Mist

Finally, another best product that always be in my handbag is a face mist. I love how effective face mist can makes me calm after a exhausted day or tiring walk with my kids. Huhu.. And this Deep Blue Collagen Mist even have a collagen inside it. So mommy will be more beautiful when my kids get tantrum right? Hahaha..yes its calming and not even oily. Love it!


and of course Althea always so generous with their customer, so they giving out freebies in the box! I love freebies and I do love samples too, it does help me a lot when I wanted to buy any products. You definitely don't wanna buy a product at full size and end up used it once or twice right? and of cos when go for travel just bring the sample that you have. save cost and save space what? #cheapskate 

So there you go the 6 best products in the Lazy Sunday Box from Althea Korea. If you lazy or maybe need to rush everyday in your life this is something you must have. Do check out HERE cos it will be sold out faster than you can imagine. and check out my unboxing and review video here too!

Lets be beautiful!


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  1. Blue collagen tu mcm nais jee 😍

  2. wahhh bestnya. collagen mist tu mcm best je. Makin can un melecun lah ami pas ni.

  3. Terminat pulak dengan Laneige quick toner pack tu. Senang nak bawak bila travel tak payah berat2 bag nak bawak botol toner dah.

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