KidZania Kuala Lumpur's 'KidZ vs Food 2.0' : Cook Up a Storm For Your Parents This School Holiday

Amirrah Othman

Hi everyone! The school has starts and there is so many interesting activities are offered for your kids and KidZania also has something interesting too! KidZania broughts us KidZania Kuala Lumpur's 'KidZ vs Food 2.0' for this school holiday 2017!

The much-anticipated ‘KidZ vs Food’ programme returns to KidZania Kuala Lumpur (KidZania) from 25 November to 31 December with more interesting hands-on cooking activities this school holidays! In this second instalment, KidZania aims to cultivate the appreciation for cooking among kids, an essential life skill, and inspire them to cook for their parents. 

“With ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ we are taking it one step further - in addition to learning how to prepare simple dishes, we encourage kids to turn the tables and make a meal for their parents. This will give them a new perspective on the effort it takes to cook a meal,” said Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur. 

KidZania ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ kicks off with a 'pulut kuning' cake cutting ceremony with Mr Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur accompanied by partners.
“The idea of ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ is to introduce the joys of cooking to inspire kids to give the activity a try. Our Pop-up Kitchen sessions will have the kids try simple recipes to show them that cooking is actually not as hard as they think. This will give them more confidence to make a meal for their families. Instructors will also share cooking tips and ideas, such as what they can cook for the family for special occasions, or how to dress up simple dishes so they look more delicious! Also by incorporating fun into food through Food Art and Food Science sessions, kids will also be more interested and eager to show their skills and cook for their parents.”

The ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ programme, promoting kids to cook for parents, is supported by like-minded partners like Young Chefs Academy, SHARP, Canon, F&N, and Lifebuoy. Sharing their expert knowledge and industry know-how, the Young Chefs Academy with its professional chefs will take the lead in the Weekend Cooking Workshops, sharing both sweet and savoury recipes. Cooking class vouchers at the Young Chefs Academy will also be up for grabs for winners of ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ contests, giving kids the chance to learn more quick-and-healthy cooking tips at the cooking school for kids. 

“Programmes like ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ are a wonderful way to engage with kids,” said Celebrity Chef Brian Chen and Founder of Young Chefs Academy. “Understanding where food comes from is a key part of encouraging children to enjoy cooking. They need to understand that food’s not just from supermarkets, but how it gets there, where it grows or comes from. It adds a bit more excitement to meals for them.” 

“It’s also important to start with simple dishes and ones that kids are interested in. I’m certain they will be proud of the end products and will naturally begin to experiment with different ingredients and create flavours they enjoy.” Chef Brian added.

KidZania KL CongreZZ member, Sophia Zara Binti Mustaffa makes ‘bubur kacang’ for parents and guests under the guidance of Chef Brian

During the event launch, Chef Brian together with Sophia Zara a KidZania CongreZZ kid member makes Bubur Kacang for the guest and parents. This activity show us how much we can learn from cooking session and Chef Brian also very particular about the safety and always make the session fun for the kids.

‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ will showcase four different segments of weekday and weekend activities – such as the Pop-up Kitchen, Food Science, Food Art and Cooking Workshops – which will bring kids through different aspects of food handling and appreciation, using easy-to-follow instructions and appliances. From dining etiquette to science experiments and advice from professional chefs, kids and parents will have a memorable experience trying out each activity. My daughter love to cooks to and feel happy every time I let her to do some cooking. 

Win Great Prizes!

To make the event more exciting, there also contest will be happening during the event!

Kids are invited to share personal stories on home-cooked meals in an Online Essay Contest; winners will receive tickets from KidZania and cooking class vouchers from the Young Chefs Academy!

Show off food photography skills in the Parent-Kid Food Photography Contest  participants gets to style the dish, capture a creative shot and post it on KidZania Kuala Lumpur’s Official Facebook page. The top three pictures will win prizes worth more than RM1, 000 including items from CANON and KidZania! 

Parents can also take part in the Teh Tarik Challenge held every weekend for the chance to prove their ‘pulling’ skills while winning vouchers and merchandise from F&N and Fish & Co, as well as tickets from KidZania!

So many exciting activities for parents and kids right? Let's join everyone!

my kids love kidZania so much

Last but not least if you interested to buy the tickets, for a limited time, consumers can enjoy a 20% discount for purchases of KidZania tickets by using the promo code ‘FOOD17’. This special promotion is valid only for online purchases from 11-24 November 2017 and visit dates are valid from 25 November – 31 December 2017.

For more information about the ‘KidZ vs Food 2.0’ activities and events at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, visit or, or call the KidZania Careline 1300 88 KIDZ (5439) from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Lets makes this school holiday fun your kids with great activities and yes cooking is a must have skills for living! 


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  1. bagus lah ami ada program macam ni. boleh tanam semangat nak memasak dan tolong ibu bapa di dapur. kadang as a parents kita terlalu takut nk bagi anak2 tlg kita kat dapur kan padahal kalau ikut langkah yang betul semuanya selamat dan menghiburkan.

  2. ada ajar budak2 memasak ni best sebenarnya..di samping nak dedahkan dorang dengan peralatan dapur..tak ada la kekok kat dapur...

  3. Program ni bagus untuk anak-anak time cuti sekolah camni lah kita boleh cungkil bakat diorang

  4. bagus ajar anak-anak memasak dari kecil. pupuk minat dr awal kan

  5. Dulu masa fatin kecik2 asyik mengajak ke kids zania, la ni bila dah besar tak heran dah....kid zania bagus mengajar anak-anak tentang masa depan

  6. Kidzania, will you open one branch in Sabah @ Sarawak? My kids would appreciate all these events .

  7. Belum bekesempatan nak bawa anak2 ke sini.... Bro pun belum pernah jejak dekat sini lagi hahahha

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