Research Proposal...

shamiera osment

at last siap juga my research proposal after bertungkus lumus selama satu sem..huhu
Baru siap proposal tapi feeling cm da siap thesis..wakaka..berangan tul..
but for me mmg satu achievement utk diri sendiri..hihi

Thank you so much my advisor pn.Rosmaliza Muhammad yg banyak mbantu..

and all friends yg slalu mberi kate semangat supaya i dont give up...walaupon last minit rase na extend..hoho..

Hope dapat grad on year will be more challenging...

So here it research proposal... customer satisfaction and repurchase intention towards Darul Rahmat Chicken in Shah Alam..

Hope everything went well next semester...

Now...kena siapkan lagi others assignment yg tgendala...aduyai...

6 July 2013 merdeka..paper abes..hope boleh wat dgn jayanya...hohoho...


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