Dettol Detik-Detik Kasih

shamiera osment

Rezeki pembuka tahun 2014...event yang best buat para-para ibu and full with knowledge from the beginning till the end... I join contest nie sebab tgk retis yg cool cm kak Wardina Safiyyah..mmg minat kt die but then termiss jugak forum..but still join forum Sazzy and Aishah Sinclair...tup tup terpilih la jadik pemenang for week 12...ade rezeki gak bjmpe kak Wardina n Sazzy with her twin..slalu tgk kt insta je..on that day dpt tgk live..cute je Sazzy nie...

Ape-pon jom usha detik-detik kasih yg sempat dirakamkan time event tu...

Event stage @ Le Meridien, KL.

Ibu-ibu Dettol

Wardina Saffiyah :)

Sharing from kak wardina... byk good info from her sharing... 

Sazzy Falak with her daughter yg merengek na mommy... :P

Tu dia hamper Dettol yg bernilai RM200.. berat gile..trs malas blk nek tren...

We are the champion... Bintang Ibu Dettol...

me with sis Wardina...

After that session, kitorang dpt lunch dgn wardina n sazzy..mkn Italian food... sgt teruja coz 1st time mkn kt Le Meridien nie...jom food testing..hihihi

Assorted bread with dipping sauce..bread nye sedap n sauce pon best..

Saya sememangnye dah berisi-isi..erkkk

Ini semua otai-otai yg saya kagumi...

Bersama bintang-bintang.. 

minestrone nie sedap... i loike..rse herb,n bread dlm tu ngn cheese sume ckp.. 

main courses- chicken yg bese2 je..xabes pon mkn..da almost full time tu..

n last courses- dessert yg sempoi abes..xbest pon jugak..hahaha.. nsb la mkn free..kalo bayar mmg i nyesal uols.. ;p

pas abes mkn g amik pic lagi...then interview with nona.. tp x amik pic pon..1st time interview tv..xsmpt feeling pon..hehehe...

then wat manicure jap...pastu blk!

Nice event Dettol!


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