Frozen Snowball Pops

Hi everyone! As you know that I'm throwing a birthday party my Zahra with a Frozen theme. So everything must be related to Frozen right? Therefore I made a DIY Frozen Snowballs Pop as one of the dessert on the dessert table that day.

As simple as 1 2 3, everyone can make it. So how to make a Frozen Snowball Pops?

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Frozen Snowballs!

1. Marshmallow

2. Sugar sprinkles

Me beli kat bake with Yen kt Kelana Jaya.

3. Lollipop sticks

Me beli kat bake with Yen kt Kelana Jaya.

4. Sugar syrup (air gula leh color birukan)


Stick on the marshmallow to the stick. Dip in a sugar syrup then dip on sugar sprinkles.. 

Done! as easy as 123!

* By the way coloring kt sugar sprinkles tu mmg teruk sampai kalo mkn byk poo leh jadik biru...erkkk!!! 


Shamiera Osment

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