Zahra Frozen Birthday Party!

shamiera osment
Zahra second birthday celebration had been postponed due to a family matters.. So we decided to celebrate it after my convocation last Sunday.. It was a hectic day sebab nak prepare semua benda and rushing bagai na berkonvo.. my son Fateh demam bagai..sian dia..but then mmg relieved berjaya wat birthday celebration for Zahra with all the DIY stuff... jimat uollsss...

Preparation for party start mlm before after dinner. My sis Atikah dtang membantu me wat cupcake and deco-deco... So end up ni lah hasilnya...

My DIY Frozen Project

Dress Anna x sempat na DIY...end up beli kt Lovely Lace..nasib la ade Auntie Amber belanja..huhu..

Bebudak yang bagai dipaksa sambut besday..

Snacks yang sempat me buat on the birthday:


    4. Frozen Drinks


Okies yang nie terkeluar senang masak laksa kalo mak-mak yang teringin na ikut tema makanan beratnya boleh try wat Nasi Kerabu.. Frozen sgt kan nasi biru tu..hihi..and kuih talam yg kaler biru.... why not kan? Fusion sket...

Laksa Penang auntie kanda masakkan... 
Budak2 yang hepi dpt doorgift.

My hensem nephew, Arsyad

Birthday Girl

Birthday girl bukak hadiah...

Everything went well..makanan pon cukup untuk semua.. Alhamdulillah.. me pon sgt happy..

Thank you semua yg hadir memeriahkan jamuan kecil ini especially all the family members...

Shamiera Osment

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