Nomiliciouz Second Giveaway!

Hi... dah lama xjoin giveaway so malam ni nak join giveaway.. :)

So anyone love Tudung Ruffle? Me? xpernah pakai or beli pon lagi..hew hew but berminat juga nak try kalo dapat free.. LOL!

Noami nak kasik 2 Tudung Ruffle for her second giveaway kali ni.. Jom lah join n meriahkan her giveaway orait peeps!

The rules!

1. Follow my Blog
2. Like my Facebook Page. Click here.
3. Spread the news by repost about this GiveAway and tell your friends to join too. 
4. Leave your blog link below.

Best of luck everyone!

Shamiera Osment

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