I Want to LOHAS at Taiwan!!!

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LOHAS??? What is LOHAS? It is your first time to heard it? OOO.. ME TOO!!! ^-^’

“LOHAS” actually defined as “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”. It has become popular throughout the world. Taiwan offers you an endless number of ways, with an Oriental flair and a uniquely Taiwanese character, to stay healthy. Yeah! I need to stay healthy for the sake of my kids. 

In Taiwan you can feel “LOHAS” the Taiwanese way, in the island’s cuisines, sports, leisure activities, and traditional health care therapies. Let's do the Taiwanese way! Woot!!!

If you are anxious to achieve a physical and mental balance, then you might try yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts, or Tai Chi to bring you tranquility the Oriental way. That's sound really promising right? After a miscarriage that I had 2 last month ago makes me realize that I didnt had proper or enough healthy lifestyle before this. I need to learn more! And this trip could be one of it.. huhuhu...

A nice scenery

If you just want to relax a bit during your trip, then a visit to one of Taiwan’s popular spas, a soak in a hot spring bath, or a soothing cup of traditional tea might be just the thing for you. I need to go for a spa and massage too coz I just love to be pampered. I am woman by the way.. Woman loves it... Taiwan offers a wide variety of spa services to fill all kinds of different needs. There is far more than just functional hydrotherapy on offer here; these services extend to cover the entire field of leisure esthetics, encompassing essential oils, aromatherapy, skin treatment, music, yoga, meditation, and everything else you need for a beautiful, relaxing, and healthful experience.

If you want to experience the Chinese medical treatment that is receiving ever more attention around the world, then Taiwan will provide you with a health-travel environment of the highest quality. And those Chinese medical treatment really sound interesting.. I need it too... My Molar pregnancy issue makes me to went to Hospital every two weeks to test the blood sample. They wanted to check the hormone in my body... and I were advices not to be pregnant for at least a year or two... that actually make me sad coz I really wanted a big family and have more children before I am old enough and boring with kids..hahaha...

Taiwanese said that Zen meditation can revitalize you and make you feel almost reborn. This treatment hopefully gave a great hormone in my body or maybe I couldnt ask the Tabib a proper medication to take home with me... Everyone do agree that Chinese medication is one of the best... It was used for hundred years before... 


Beside the great medication, Taiwan have a great culture and environment to be discover. I love to cycling around the great scenery of Taiwan,, at the seaside and of course under the sakura trees... that will be a lot of sweet memories to me... 

The “MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2015” showed Taiwan is the 10th popular non-islamic country for Muslim Travellers. So is not a big deal  for a Muslim like me to travel in Taiwan because I know I will not hungry and of cos there will be so many new Taiwan Halal food to be trying out... I love food so much and as someone who graduated in Gastronomy course, I do love if being able to learn about culture and the history of a food in everywhere I go.. The art of cooking and eating will be something that excite me always!

source : FB Taiwan TTBKL

Here in Taiwan you also can give your taste buds a treat and stay healthy at the same time by enjoying your fill of medicinal foods and healthful organic cuisine. 

a great culture to discover

It is time to enjoy life since I'm not pregnant anymore and I should travel right? Ohh please sponsored me will you Taiwan TTBKL? by the way 1st April is my anniversary and I hope Taiwan will a great place to cycling around with my husband... pssss: we never had our honeymoon before...


I pray hard for this..hihihi... Thank you Mamasan from The Butterfly Project giving me opportunity discover great things in Taiwan.. i should visit Taiwan soon.. Hope to win a jackpot..hihihi

For more information you can also visit here to know more about LOHAS at Taiwan!  


Shamiera Osment.

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