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By shamiera osment - 12:17:00

Hai Chef!

Did you know that your dishes are so great and everyone want the recipe so bad? Did you know sharing a recipe is not a sin..hihi.. You will not loose anything if you shared your recipe with someone else. Not everyone actually can make the food same as yours...

Let'sMasak.com it a new platform for you to share your great recipe with others morther and housewife. And the best thing is you can collect point and be rewarded. You can exchange the reward point into cash!!!

Lets check out the web!

Recipe that recommended for you

Every recipe that been upload will be feature in the site. You can see the time needed to cook it and plan your cooking time.

The editors choice

The editors choice is will help you to decide the best recipe you should try because it will hard for you to decide when there is plenty of same recipe on the website.

Lets recooks and bribe about it!

And you also can recooks anyone recipe and share your experience about it... This is fun!

Do share your latest recipe

There will also a latest recipe that you can use everyday. This website is so active and you will never bored with the same food everyday anymore!

Share your kitchen tips!

Mommies and chef who have a lots of Do's and Dont's in the kitchen please share your tips. Someone might need it badly. :)

Who is in the top?

And the best part yu can see who in the top earners and lets try to bid them...hihihi...Nice ha? Its just simple as A, B, C and you can earn money. :)

The best ever part...Ehemmm...

For a blogger like you my beloved readers,  Let’sMasak  – I’ts no to hard now is organizing an giveaway with a support from  Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger!

Its a review contest where you have to make a creative review about the website. The prize will be to the top 5 finalist are so great which included: 

Grand Prize : i phone 6 plus
Second Prize : Tunai RM500
Third Prize : Tunai RM400
Fourth Prize : Tunai RM300
Fifth Prize : Tunai RM500

To win one of this you have to follow the term and condition that be given. Its a simple term but need a little effort to score it. For the terms and condition you can read it at LetsMasak Review Contest 2015.

I hope all my fellow blogger friends will join the fun and joining this contest. Wishing everyone best of luck and to all the chef at home or anymore lets start sharing your recipe. Earn some money and of cos it is a good deed for all human kind. :)

Lets Masak!

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