First Day at Work!

Amirrah Othman

Hi everyone...

Its been 4 years that I didn't seriously have a job... So its such a difficult things to do.. To tune up my everyday who is full of relaxing..

My first day at work was kinda boring.. Watsons is a new place for me because it totally a different things with what I learn and what I use to do.. Except all the make up that make me smile and familiar with..huhu..

First day at school are the same things as first day at work.. Feeling awkward and not knowing anything to do is so boring... I'm the one who can't wait..and being somebody who have to wait for a task it such a hatred...

But then after 2 weeks here I felt much better.. I know what I should do everyday and did not have to stand and go every corner of the shop without a  purpose.. Haha

Anyway I hope everyone will pray for me cos I just hope there is much better job in the future...

Its for my children sake...

Bonda love you...



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