Friso Gold Say YES to Experience!

Friso Gold formulated milk powder for children is encouraging Malaysian mothers to say 'Yes' to experiences and to allow children to learn and grow from discovering and experiencing the world around them, especially the outdoors. It is also sharing with Malaysian mums great play tips and ideas to foster closer relationships with their kids. 

So as mother do you remember how many times you say YES to your children request?

As a mother I also tend to say NO to my children request, sometimes it is because our own paranoia and sometimes it is just we to concern about them... But then, did you this unwisely decision that we made will reduce their healthy progression?

Speaking at the media launch of Friso Gold's Say YES to experiences campaign, Dutch Lady Milk Infustries Berhad ( Dutch Lady Malaysia)'s Marketing Manager, Ms Wong Vai Chi said : " Friso Gold believes experiences are a child's best teacher. As such, when a mother says 'Yes' to experiences, she is opening up opportunities for her child to explore and learn more of his world, and helping him to grow up to be more confident and well-rounded. "

"More importantly, she is also fostering a closer mother-child relationship when she participates in her child's activities and shares the same experiences with him," she continued.

Friso Gold Say YES to Experience!
The Winner

To demonstrate how experiences help mothers and their children discover the world together, Friso Gold asked two mothers to join the YES Experiment by having them agree to their children's reasonable requests for five consecutive weeks in the YES Experiment.

One of the mothers, Liz Yahaya, an engineer and a blogger mum shared that "I was an overprotective mother, I never allowed my children to have pets as I was concerned with their hygiene and health. But when I got my older son Aiden a rabbit, he suprised me by demonstrating he is a responsible child. It just showed that saying "Yes" has allowed him to grow to be more responsible through experiences!."

Friso Gold Say YES to Experience!
The Winner

Another mother who participated in the experiment, Low Ngai Yuen, an ex-TV host and film producer juggles a demanding career and taking care of her four children.One of the things that I had to say 'YES' to during experiement was to allow all my kids to play in the rain with the objective of addressing my youngest daughter Zi Yi's fear of water. It turned out to be really fun experience for every one including me, even though I had to get them to wear raincoats, shelter them with umbrellas and follow through with hot baths! And Zi Yi was not afraid to have water on her face for tge first time!" recalled Low.

Friso Gold Say YES to Experience!
Sharing session

Consultant Paediatrician Dr.Khoo Phaik Choo, agreed with the mothers on the benefits of positive parenting and pointed out that parents who not worried about children falling sicks when enjoying outdoor experiences are advised to strengthen their children's natural body resistance as 80% of immunity is located in the digestive system, maintaining a strong digestive is the best natural defence against infection. Naturally , a healthy child grows and learns better." said Dr.Khoo.

Also present at the campaign launch was Ducth Lady Malaysia's Corporate Nutritionist, Ms Loo Mei Fong, who explained that Friso Gold is the ideal brand to help mums say YES to experiences as it is formulated to help children strengthen their natural body resistance. .Friso Gold is 100% imported from Holland. It is produced from our farms in Holland where our farmers have a rich heritage of over 140 years of dairy expertise.

Through Friso Gold's unique single manufacturing process in our milk production, fresh milk from our farm in Holland is delivered directly to the factory to convert into powder through mild heating. Minimal heat treatment is used to preserve the natural nutrients of milk and make it easier for the child to digest. In other words, every glass of Friso Gold seals the natural goodness of milk to help your child stronger from the inside,”said Loo.

Friso Gold with Friso shield contains essential nutrients, such as Vitamin B6 & C, Selenium, GOS, Zinc and DHA which are important for children's natural body resistance so that they can continue to grow and develop from the inside. To help Malaysian mums say 'Yes' and bond with their children through outdoor experiences, Friso Gold is introducing an exciting activity on its website to get started. Every fortnight, a fresh new outdoor play experience idea will be shared on the site. 

All mums have to do is:

● Log on to www.frisogold.com.my/yestoexperiences
● Pick a suggested idea and recreate the experiences together with your child
●Submit a photo of your experience to gain points and redeem exclusive rewards instantly

"Experiences, big or small, can create unforgettable memories, foster togetherness, and most importantly, help your child learn. Only when your child is strong from inside can he jump into new experiences wholeheartedly and without hesitation. We certainly hope mothers in Malaysia will embrace experiences with the help of our activity on our website."  said Wong in conclusion of the campaign launch.

So lets join this campaign too and start to say YES to your children reasonable request! Give them chance to explore the world..

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