Farewell Watsons!

By Amirrah Othman - 12:13:00

Farewell? Yup! I already quit from Watsons..haha..

It is tough to work a little bit far from home... you know  coz I didn't drive to work... I'm fully depended on my husband...and of cos he is complaining about the jam...and his precious resting time..hihi

Another add on with this decision is because salary at Watsons is too low with it pressure and working hour.. I can't stand anymore... huhu

But then its a good experience working with Watsons.. I learn a lot from it...thank you for the opportunity everyone!

Thank you also all the great team at Watsons The Curve and Watsons Paradigm Mall for all the lesson... thank you everyone...

and its a great pleasure for having a little celebration for my birthday at Watsons Paradigm... sweet memory ever!

Thank you guys!

Sharing birthday cake with Ayu
3 sisters
Team Paradigm

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  1. Laaa...now ami dh x Kerja la ye....takpe la x panjang jodoh ngan watson


  2. sementara tu bolehlah kut update blog selalu