Bloglist Ramadan 1437H by Hasrul Hassan

Hi everyone...

Brother Hasrul Hassan is offering any blog to be in his top 50 list for this Ramadhan! I was excited to hear it... Last year one of my ramadhan food review in his blogpost and it does give me a really good traffic.. Of course he is one of the master seo in Malaysia. I do respect that he always love to help others blogger with his various tips and advice. 

Bloglist Ramadan 1437H by Hasrul Hassan, Hasrul Hassan,

Furthermore a good traffic from blog HH will be much helpful to my blog. My blog pageview are sadly a nightmare and of cos I'm trying to improve it... And hopefully if I'm on the HH bloglist it will increase more :)

Anyone who would like to join the segmen can go check out here :

Thank you bro Hasrul Hassan may Allah bless you,

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  1. All the best ami :) memang beruntung menumpang di blog sifu ni

  2. good luck..saya pun join gak..

  3. yaya dah join..hihihi...done follow sini jugak ;)

  4. Assalamulaikum.. datang dari segmen sama