Festival of Light : A Reminder to Us

Amirrah Othman
Festival of Light : A Reminder to Us. |  Malaysian are known with a multicultural country and every different in each cultural makes Malaysian so unique. Every Malaysian loves to celebrate each festivals in Malaysia because the uniqueness and of course the food varieties!

In celebrating others festivals, individual should know to respect the differences and embrace the similarities. Every cultural is unique with its belief, do's and don'ts. As someone who born in Malaysia we have been educate with others culture since we were kids. Growing to be a Malaysia definitely a blessing because we can adapt to different situation much quicker.

Today, the festival of light serves as a reminder to us to have compassion to each other. As we live in this world, we will meet so many new people every day and not everyone are the same. To have compassion meaning that we should not judge anyone before we know them. What we see might not be what it may seem. They said that we should always think good about others and this will make our heart more calm and it does helps the world to be more greater.

Greater harmony can also be achieved through greater understanding and compassion. Thus, to understand one and other culture in Malaysia is a must for every Malaysian. It helps us to respect others dignity and understood why things happen surround them.

With this Deepavali spirit, I do hope we Malaysian always be united. Let the light shines within us and continue respecting each other as both individuals and as Malaysians. Do enjoy the video by Petronas. So meaningful to us and lets spread the spirit of unity and always have compassion to everyone.

Happy Deepavali,


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