Jom Rewang 2018 at Plaza Alam Sentral from 26 to 28 Januari 2018.

Amirrah Othman

Hi everyone... Any bride to be next year? Do you have any plan on how your wedding will be look like or still don't have any idea on it? I suggest you to go to Jom Rewang 2018 at Plaza Alam Sentral from 26 to 28 Januari 2018.

Jom Rewang 2018 is a bridal exhibition that providing a service or a wedding package to visitors or bride or groom to be. By attending this Jom Rewang 2018 exhibition visitors can easily manage or grab some ideas on their wedding dream by buying the package that been offered by the wedding planner or exhibitor.

The main attraction at this Jom Rewang 2018 is includes :

1. More than 30 Exhibitor

Approximately 30 companies that provide related services for wedding will be attending this event. Services include henna painting, bridal services, bridal wear boutique, photography, catering, preparation dais, and more.

2. Online Exhibitor

300 wedding companies from around the country will advertise their service in the event through the use of montage. Customers who work and live mainly in Shah Alam and the surrounding area for example can get information about the service and the place where they want to get married. They don't need to take day off and return home alone to manage their wedding preparation in their home or place because now they can connect and manage it online with the wedding service company in there.

3. Parking Facilities

Facilities parking area that is easy and inexpensive in Plaza Alam Sentral. If you are not familiar with Plaza Alam Sentral, Plaza Alam Sentral is situated at Jalan Institusi, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor. It just like the other shopping mall but the parking is cheper.

So for next year bride and groom to be don't forget to save the date, is 26 to 28 Jan 2018 at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. Definitely there will a lot of promo and discounts you can get during this exhibition and of course you should not wait or delay your dream wedding booking cos I'm afraid your dream place of wedding planner will fully booked then.

For more information about this event, go to 

Facebook: Book Rewang | Puspawangi Event and Management

Jom Rewang!


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  1. Bagus event-event macam ni kalau road tour seluruh negeri . Bagi CCL event macam ni penting juga untuk bakal- bakal pengantin yang bakal mendirikan rumah tangga . Sedikit sebanya dapat tips persediaan

  2. Event yg bagus. So, bakal-bakal pengantin dpt compare dan pilih mana2 perunding perkahwinan yg mereka suka.

  3. kan. Senang lah dah ada pameran mcm ni. Semua di bawah satu bumbung. Tak perlu nak susah2 pergi satu butik ke satu butik dah. Bakal pengantin wajib dtg ke sini.

  4. kalau pameran ni ada time zaman TB nak kawen ritu mesti TB dah serbu dan cuci mata kot ada pakej yang ter bekenan.

  5. Good info. Senang bakal pengantin zaman sekarang. Segalanya di bawah satu bumbung.. Zaman akak dulu keja kumpul majalah pengantin untuk dapat info sebelum melangkah kw gerbang pwekahwinan. Tapi sekarang best sebab boleh nampak real dengan jom rewang. Thumb up!

  6. Zaman sekarang.. Tak penat dah sbb selaku ada event macam ni utk build idea majlis kahwin nnt... Bagus utk bakal pengantin atau yg nak jadi pengantin lagi. Hehe

  7. Menarik event ni kalau yang bakal mendirikan rumahtangga nanti boleh singgah di event ni semua yang kita nak ada.. Pakej2 macam2 ditawarkan dekat sana bertuah zaman swkarang ni.. Tak perlu susah dah nak mencari bridal pengantin.

  8. Senang bakal pengantin sekarang ni, macam2 event ada, tinggal lagi sediakan duit aje :)

  9. Wahhh mesti meriah ni. Nama event pun dah meriah ni. Jom rewang!

  10. Jom kawen rasa nak kawen...

  11. Fadzi dulu sebelum kawen pun survey jugak servis dekat pameran macam ni. Serius berbaloi sebab boeh survey servis and harga terus, pastu book sekaligus semua. Senang

  12. Look like is a big wedding exhibition. Will share with my friends that plan for their wedding.

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