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Sports Hijab by NURD - Woman with Hijab always looking for the best Hijab for their sports events and today realizing the demand of it, many retailers in the market has come out with their best sports hijab for muslimah. Even big brand like Nike trying to compete with the market demand as they know the potential buyers of it.

As one the Muslim with Hijab I do seek for the best hijab to wear during sports day, it is important to be comfortable when you doing workout or doing any active sports. In Malaysia also, there is several brands that have come out with sports hijab itself and one of it is NURD

NURD is created with the ultimate goal to empower women to live an active lifestyle while upholding cultural beliefs. They know too well that covering up while practicing sport is a challenge for most hijabis. Sports enthusiast, who especially live in the tropical climate region, are held back because of hijab’s excessive fabric and endurance of heat.

Our dedicated design team has spent months on extensive R&D to create the perfect sports hijab for Muslim women. Our purpose is to offer performance-hijab wear that is breathable, quick-dry, comfortable and trendy! (when we look good, we’ll feel good!). Whether it is for yoga, jogging, hiking, football or any other rigorous sport, our sports hijab can adapt, give comfort, performance and style to your everyday sports activities.

NURD believes that everyone deserves to play sports without any restriction.They also believe that working out is vital to our physical, mental and spiritual health and thay hope that their movement will enable you to chase your dreams. Yes, fly high ladies!

The design is constructed from a durable single-layer NURD Ultra-Light Microfiber Mesh that allows optimal breath-ability and promotes flexible movement. The mesh is also stretchy, so when combined with an elastic binding it allows for a personalized fit that adapts to both the wearer’s head and her sport.

6 reasons why you should choose Sports Hijab by NURD

  1. Ready-to-wear: Ironless. Just grab and go. 
  2. Pin-Less and Knot-Less: The material of the hijab really can fix any face issue and no extra pin needed to wear it. 
  3. Lightweight: It's so lightweight and very comfortable to use for work out or even swimming. 
  4. Reflective gear: If you love to work out in the night, or hiking or even cycling as early in the dawn this hijab is cool to reflect the light to makes you more safer. 
  5. Well-Designed: The designed definitely suitable to wear for any outdoor activities you wanted. 
  6. Quick Drying: The fabric is great in absorbing the sweat and does drying faster makes the user more comfortable wearing. 

So honestly, this sports hijab by NURD is cool gear to have for all woman out there. If you loves outdoor sports and still wondering for a good hijab, try this. Sports hijab by NURD is also stylo for me, as it can also be used as the inner and also a hijab, with the criss cross design and 3 colors to choose is a perfect to wear anywhere you wanted.  The length is also just enough for me and ever wonder why I had this hijab even though I rarely workout?

Yes, I live in Kuantan and at least once a week I will be at beach with my kids. This sports hijab definitely great to wear, easy and light. 

If you interested to buy this product you can go to :

Till then, keep on active!


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