What to Put in a Baby Hamper Gift?

Amirrah Othman
When there is a new born baby of your close friend or your relative, you would want to come, see, and welcome the baby, right? One of the great ways to welcome the new baby, indeed, is by giving a baby hamper gift. Gifting a baby can be so fun, and you will feel happy with the thought of making the cute little one happy and comfortable with the gifts from you too. The question is: what is the most suitable gift for the newborn baby?

A baby hamper gift might be the best answer, but then again, what is the best baby hamper gift? What stuff should you put in the hamper for the baby gifts? Below are some suggestions for you.
Baby Hamper

1. Baby accessories

The baby accessories like baby clothes, baby shoes, baby bathing stuff and such things are the preferable choice for baby gifts, and you can pick them too to put in your baby hamper gift. However, to make it look more special, you can choose the baby accessories in one theme. For example, if you like the parents of the baby like a particular cartoon character or a color, use it to be the theme of the gift. Buy some baby clothes, baby shoes, and the baby bathing stuff in that particular theme and your gift will definitely make the parents smile, and the baby looks cute and happy to wear that.

2. Cute and safe toys

The little one might not understand the meaning of toy and “play” itself, but a cute toy from you will eventually make the baby happy during the “awake time”, she or he can play with the toy from you. However, you need to make sure that the toys are self and won’t cause any harm to the baby.

3. Some comfort

Cute right?

You can pick up a cot or bedding accessories or blankets for the baby; this will be really useful since the parent might not have arranged one yet. This kind of gift also the thing that will make the baby feel comfort. With a wide variety of colors and theme, you can be creative too in choosing the most suitable one.

However, all you need to do is make sure if all the stuff in your baby hamper gift is a safe gift for the baby; make sure if the fabric is skin friendly since we know the baby skin is more sensitive than adults’ skin.


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