JaeKo Design; Multipurpose Diaper Bag

Amirrah Othman
JaeKo Design; Multipurpose Diaper Bag. | Hi mommies! Did your kids still wearing a diaper? As for me, my son El Malique still wearing it and of course I have to carried his diaper whenever we go out. 

So how many diapers did you bring whenever you went out? It will depends on time right but I mostly will bring at least 2 pcs whenever I'm out. But that not all that we in mom's bag right? We need a big multipurpose bag that can fix everything for the kids. I'm glad that I have Jaeko Design Diaper Bag now.

my Jae Ko Bag

JaeKo Design Diaper Bag caught my attention when I first saw it. It so stylish that came in 4 color that mom and dad will love. And for me I always love black, and I know my husband will carried it too if it is black. Hehe.. Hence, I choose black rather than Grey, Blue and Pink. But you know Pink is so cute too!

So whats more that I love about this JaeKo Design bag? Here is the 6 reason why you need JaeKo Design Diaper Bag :

1. 2 Styling Way

As much as I love backpack, I love sling bag too. With Jae Ko Design Diaper Bag, I can have both style at one bag. Backpack can help use lift the weight of the bag right? But it such a mess when you can't easily access the bag at your back.

backpack style

Sling bag will make you had shoulder pain but I love how ease I can take things from the pocket at one time. So thanxs to Jae Ko bag for the extra strap to make it sling, and you can even store the back strap the back of the bag so neat.

sling style

2. Personalize Monogram

SO for Shamiera Osment
This personalized Monogram is very special and you can have it custom for FREE when you purchased this bag. This personalized monogram helps you  to recognized your bag in a glinch of eyes and no one will have the same bag like yours right?

3. Diaper Mat

stylish diaper mat
The stylish diaper mat also comes together with the bag with only RM24. It is convenience to have this around as we can change diaper in more hygienic way and much more comfort. 

waterproof diaper mat

4. Jae Ko Binky Pod

Binky Pod
So JaeKo Design called call this cute pouch Binky Pod! It so cute you may fight with your kids to own it. :P This cute pod do come for FREE with JaeKo Design Diaper Bag and it was designed to helps mommy with kids who use pacifier, so you can easier find it when you needed it. 

5. Stoller Strap

Leather Stroller Strap
Stroller strap is one of the way you can secure your bag when you hang it at your stroller. If you just hang it with the back strap, there is always a possibilities for it to fall or even easy to be stash by others. So with this stroller strap, your bag will stay fit at your stroller even you run with it.

6. 13 Compartment

different compartment for different thing
With 13 compartment that have at this bag you can organize your thing much more neat and wiser. It even have 4 bottle compartment and zipper at the front and the back of the bag. I use the back zipper to store my phone last time, much more easier for me to grab my phone when needed!

Last but not least, this JaeKo Design Diaper Bag is waterproof inside and outside. Its so easy to be clean, you just need to wipe it with a wipes and it good to go again! If you interested to own it one, this JaeKo Designs bag is sell at RM299 and you can buy it www.jaekodesigns.com 

JaeKo Designs Diaper Bag Makes Moms Life More Stylish!


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