Creating A Relaxing Space at Home to Get a Better Night's Rest.

Amirrah Othman
Creating A Relaxing Space at Home to Get a Better Night's Rest. | Making your home relaxing and comfortable can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways that you can make your home just a little bit more comfortable.

How to Create A Relaxing Space at Home to Get a Better Night's Rest : 

1. Update Your Furniture

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One of the best ways to help yourself relax is to have comfortable furniture to make it easy to get comfortable. Wherever you spend your evening hours, make sure that what you relax on is as comfortable as possible. This might mean replacing the throw pillows or couch cushions that support you while you lounge, or even replacing your mattress if it leaves you feeling uncomfortable when you get out of it. 

2.Snack Smartly

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Try and avoid snacking in the evening if you want to get a good night’s rest. Late night snacks can leave you with heartburn, gas, or simply needing to get up to pee more often during the night. You’ll want to avoid all of that to sleep through the night. Instead, aim for your last snack to be 3 - 4 hours before bed at the latest. 

If you need to have a late-night snack, aim for something with carbs and dairy like a grilled cheese or toast with a glass of milk. The combination of those two items will help you to absorb the tryptophan and feel sleepy faster. Maybe don’t do this if you are lactose intolerant, though. 

3. Put Your Phone Out of Reach

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If you are trying to relax, it’s best to put your phone away. Phones and all of their apps are very good at tricking you into paying way too much attention to what is on the screen. By putting your phone on do not disturb and putting it out of reach, you’ll have a much easier time finding time to let your brain turn off. 

It’s also better for your eyes. Phone and computer screens emit blue spectrum light which tells our brains to wake up and pay attention to what is on that screen, and that effect can last for hours after you put your phone away. 

4. Make it Possible to Block Out Annoying Sounds

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If you live in an apartment or with other people, chances are there are a lot of sounds going on around you that you don’t have a lot of control over. This can be incredibly stressful and make it really hard to relax when you have the time. 

In order to balance out some of the sounds and make it easier to relax, you might want to find a white noise machine, turn on a fan or the TV. You can also try noise-cancelling headphones or earmuffs if you need a little bit more protection from the sound. No shame if that’s the case. Do what you’ve gotta do to find your peace. 

If you’ve made a lot of these changes and still find yourself struggling to sleep through the night, think about talking to a doctor about a sleep study to see if there is a medical cause behind your sleep issues.

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