10 Benefits of Zumba for Women

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10 Benefits of Zumba for Women. | Zumba was founded in 1998 by Pérez in Cali, Colombia. Pérez, an aerobics instructor, forgot to bring his regular music to his aerobics class. He happened to have cassette tapes of Latin dance music—salsa and merengue—and danced to them instead, which Pérez later taught as "Rumbacize". In 2001, Pérez partnered with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion, and the trio released a series of fitness videos sold via infomercial. 

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Zumba is a fun way of to exercise and I also do join the Zumba session before this. Its not easy actually to do Zumba if you not into dance so much but of cos with a regular training it will be more easier. Zumba has been in Malaysia for more than 15 years, and even there sometime controversy about it, many have found the benefit doing it. So lets check out the 10 Benefits of Zumba for Women :

1. Easy Way To Burn Calories

Body Weight, obesity and body shaming has become one of the significant concerns in today’s world for men and women. Zumba is a perfect way to maintain one’s body weight especially if the person despises workout or is lazy (like most of us are). According to a recent study, a person burns 300 to 900kcal with an hour-long Zumba exercise. This calorie burning leads to lessening of the excess fat present in the body. Instead of the muscles, the activity aims at reducing the belly fat thus leading to a fun and easy way of regulating excess weight.

2. Toned And Beautiful Body 

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Zumba not just helps to shed the extra weight off your belly or thighs but it the exercise which includes choreography of different energetic dance styles. Beats or steps such as that of Hip-hop, Salsa, squats require high energy and flexibility. These dance styles stretch your muscles, make you flexible and tone your entire body giving you the hour-glass shape that you’ve wanted since so long!

3. FUN

One of the most prominent reasons which attracts people to this form of aerobic exercise is the fun content it has to offer. In Zumba workout lot of dance and aerobic movements are performed with energetic, loud music. The rhythms are so fast, and the music is so peppy that you cannot help but feel the energy reverberating through your spirit.  Watching your self and everybody around you dancing makes the exercise fun. The music and the movements together boost up the power of the performer which in turn makes the exercise non-monotonous and preferable.

4. Makes You Happy 

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It has been seen that this exercise readily facilitates the secretion of Endorphins which is known to reduce the sensation of stress and pain. Zumba lets you feel energetic with vigorous exercise. It helps the person to forget his worries while doing the workout because the mood of the person will be full of joy by dancing and listening to songs. Additionally, During workout person has to concentrate on steps of the dance that makes a person cheerful and away from tensions.

5. Stress Buster 

The above point brings us to the critical point of de-stressing. In today’s world where stress has almost become part and parcel of our lives, Zumba helps to channelize all your energy into dance and reduce stress. You can enter the fitness center enraged and then dance your heart out and de-stress yourself as the live music, and the contagiously energetic atmosphere forces you to stop worrying and start grooving!

6.Boosts Heart Health 

The benefits of Zumba are in numerous. Amongst its medical benefits, foremost comes the strengthening of the heart. Zumba is total-body cardio and aerobic exercise which makes the heart healthier. With regular practice of Zumba, a person tends to breathe easily even after workouts or other physical activities. Zumba partially works as a breathing exercise and helps not just heart patients or aged people but helps people from all age strata to stay fit.

7. Boosts Mental Stability

Zumba channelizes all your energy into an energetic workout routine, and your mind tends to work better with concentration and learning. You tend to control your mind and remove all toxic or negative thoughts. Your memory improves with time as you learn to pick up and remember the beats of songs and dance steps. It thus boosts mental power and stability.

8. Improves Coordination

Zumba with babywearing require high coordination
Zumba offers different options in exercises; one could choose his or her way of grooving to highly energetic musical beats. There are different types of Zumba workouts, but all of them have this one thing in common- maintaining the rhythms along with the correct steps all along is an exercise that improves coordination between the limbs and the brain. Moreover, it also improves the posture of an individual as he/she becomes more flexible and comfortable with his/her own body.

9. Confidence

How can somebody forget the level of confidence that Zumba inculcates with regular practice? With a healthier body one functions in a better way in the day to day tasks. As the quality of work upgrades, one tends to get higher the professional and personal hierarchy. In addition to it, with a better posture and a powerful mind, one tends to feel confident in his/her self. It has enormous pros in every field of life, whether it is a working field or just school or college.

 10.Healthy Relationship 

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Humans are social animals who love to socialize with positive and inspiring people. It brings us to the simple fact that people tend to avoid or ignore people who give out negative and gloomy vibes. Zumba makes sure you don’t belong to the latter group. When you feel happy and confident in your skin, you bring positivity and attract people. Also, in Zumba classes, the interaction that people form with each other helps them bond with strangers and forge friendships. It helps to boost their social skills which again is a unique quality necessary in the long run.

Trainers claim that there are a few side effects of this form too. While an aerobic workout programme could make a person lose weight quicker, the person at the same time has a high risk of gaining weight faster if a fitness program like Zumba get closed. Also, with a quicker workout program, there is a higher tendency of injury by tripping or falling down or merely spraining a muscle. These side effects are, however, applicable to not just Zumba but all physical workout routines.

lets join
Hence,  Zumba fans in Malaysia, I would like to invite you to join ZUMBA LIGHTS & MOTION PUTRAJAYA 2019 ( LAMPU ).  The Zumba event is happening in conjunction with the LAMPU festival that were aim to have more than 500 participant. And of course the event is for WOMEN ONLY! The best things during this event there is a lucky draw where prize are 999 gold and cosmetics hamper.

Glitters and Shine ladies!

Gymbalicious goodies are also for grab for the first 150 participants along with t-shirts and lamp bracelets. During the Zumba program, light only will be available at the stage while the participants are will be darken slightly to let the color of the lights on the participants' wrists. It will be fun night to join as the theme of event also Glitters and Shine and participant will have a chance to join the Zumba session from Kpop Dance, Zafina Fitness, Aerodance and also Piloxing.

Coach/Pia Elite Elleza

The top Zin from Gymbalicious Dance Studio will be heat the night are ; Zin Syera, Zin Herma, Zin Jee, Zin Qemal, Zin Suzy, Zin Linda, Zin Mas, Zin Shida, Zin Rozita, Zin Fara, Zin Liez, Zin Kaytini, Zin Intan, ZLF Yatt, Coach / Pia Elite Elleza, Coach Yasmin .

So save the date as the event will be happening on :

Date : 28 - 31 Disember 2019, at 
Pace : Dewan Sri Siantan, Precint 3, W.P Putrajaya  
Time : 8.00 malam - 10.00 malam.

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Let's loose some weight and Zumba ladies!

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