Happy Time at kidzooona Shah Alam.

Kids Happy Time at kidzooona Aeon Shah Alam. | Hi everyone, as you know I have 4 playful kids and recently they bagging to bring them to the theme park or play area. After the MCO, I still didn't managed to bring them to theme park yet, due to the virus, but yes why not the case have drop right?

So we went to kidzooona Aeon Shah Alam to make them happy and of course Bonda and Abi also will very happy with it. Number one because it's very affordable compare to other theme park and then, it has a great SOP at their play area.

Malique happiness!

kidzooona is born in Japan in 2010 and is the number 1 indoor playground that has largest number of stores in the world. kidzooona's name was born in from the word KIDZUNA which mean the strong bond between individuals. In kidzooona kids can improve their intellectual skills and social skills trough play. 

As you enter the kidzooona, basically, they will scan your temperature before you enter, and there is a limit of people in the play area. They won't allowed you in if they already had maximum number in it. So after you fill up a form and register at the counter, they will take your kids and your picture for the safety measure. In case anything happen, this can guide them easily. 

Then after you take off your shoes and arranged it properly, you can play freely. And yes, please wear your sock all time, and you might need to buy socks if you don't have any. Malique really love car, so he went straightly to the car and train section, and play as much as he wanted.

Dance with Lala

Zahra and Fateh love the trampoline and goes jump like crazy until Lala (Kidzoona mascot) appeared. If you want to bring your kids here, I advice you to go early in the morning and do visit on the weekend. Even though it will pack a little but there is a lot of activities your kids can enjoy with the Kidzoona team. 

During my visit, they had a dance time with Lala. My kids definitely love dancing and you can see how much Malique love dancing right?

Kids with Lala

After the dance and photo opportunity session, they invite everyone to join the art activities. During that day, they have to decorate the fish. I never though they will gave rewards to the kids, but then after my kids successfully finished their task, they reward them with a jigsaw puzzle and vouchers!

Art Activities reward

They also had a Lucky Dice session from time to time during weekend. During the Lucky Dice, your kids have the opportunity to won something from the box. As for my kids Zahra and Fateh, they received the same number and received the same prize. You can win a free tickets, discount tickets or even candies during this session. It is a fun session and don't missed it!

Lucky Dice Session

Overall, Kidzoona Shah Alam is a great place you can bring your kids to explore and learn. You also can relax at the massage chair and if you bring your little one, there's also a section where your infant can spend time too. In here, they have Air Slider, Toy Corner, Role Play Town, Air Track, Ball Pool(closed due to covid-19 sop) and Cyber Wheel. And don't afraid they do sanitized regularly.

Baby section

The ticket price is as low as RM12 per entry and they do have special promotion from time to time. Do watch my video here to explore more about it.

and for more information go to : https://www.aeonfantasy.com.my/event/

Thank You Kidzoona for having us!

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  1. Sejak PKP ni, dah lama tak bawa anak-anak berseronok dalam dunia derang. Bagus ni apa yang dibuat Aeon. Hmm tapi tempat saya jauh pulak dengan Aeon yang ada.


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