Rejuvenate Skin with Black Pearl Laser at Ava Skin.

Amirrah Othman
Rejuvenate Skin with Black Pearl Laser at Ava Skin. | Laser treatment are known with it benefits towards skin and nowadays many will choose this option when doing facial treatment. Despite of it cost, beauty is always a priority to the beauty holder.

Hence of this demand, many aesthetic clinic or even a beauty spa offers this treatment. It always the best to consult with Dr when you wanted to do the laser treatment because it might not suitable for your skin condition.

me at Ava+ Skin Laser

Recently, I went for a laser treatment with a Ava+ Skin Laser. AVA+ Skin Laser has been in the market for years. After months closed due to MCO they open back their door to their customer. With a strict appointment and sop they will welcomed you with a sanitizer door and take your health temperature.

After a registration a beautician will take you for a quick facial session to remove your make up. Then, they will analyst your skin using a machine. During this session, we will know the issue and treatment needed for our skin. As for my skin, I obviously need to treat my pores issue(yes, still the same issue) and my aging skin. So they suggest me to do Ava+ Black Pearl Laser and Ava+ Glow.

Ava+ Glow.

Ava+ Glow Treatment is an innovation technique that will help you to cleanse,peel, extract, and hydrate your skin in one session. The treatment that using water have been prove to be safe, painless and not irritate.

during the treatment

The process of Ava+ Glow Treatment is :

1. Cleanse - remove dead skin cell and brighten skin.
2. Peel - Gave benefits to the cell and soften the skin.
3. Extraction - Remove excessive oil and dirt that stuck in the pores.
4. Hydrate - Gave nutrition and give hydration to the skin.

After the treatment process, the beautician show me the water bottle that is full with my excessive oil, dirt and etc. It actually a great session cos I felt that my skin feel lighter after that.

Ava+ Black Pearl Laser

Black Pearl Laser

Talking about Black Pearl makes me remember the Pirate Carrabian movie, the Black pearl is a legend ship. But here in Ava+ Skin Laser, they using the real Black Pearl for the treatment as pearl has been proved with it benefits for beauty treatment. Pearl have great minerals like calcium, magnesium, amino acid and antioxidant that is good for skin. 

Hence, the Ava+ Black Pearl Laser can helps to improve maximum absorption to the skin and also can helps to improve skin hydration. The process also can helps the production of collagen at the skin and also helps to grow new skin. The treatment is also painless, no numb cream needed but my skin definitely can take it.

Ava+ Ampoule

mask session

After the laser treatment, they apply me an ampoule and a mask treatment for about 15mins. Then, as usual, beautician applied me a toner, moisturiser and sunscreen to end the treatment. After that, I went to the first room again to analyze my skin after the treatment. There, I can see the different before and after my treatment. Definitely, love the result.

TQ Cici for the treatment!

And the next days, I found that my skin really soft. Love the result! I wish I could revisit Ava+ Skin Laser regularly to maintain my skin condition. Thank you Ava+ Skin Laser for having me, I love the treatment and the beautician also very great during the process. Will definitely come again!

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