Grow Up Healthy with Fernleaf CalciYum!

Amirrah Othman
Grow Up Healthy with Fernleaf CalciYum! | Happy tummy, Happy Kids! Kids development always be parent great concern and one of the key to ensure they have a healthy gut. 

Children get the most nutrition out of the food they're consuming when they have a healthy gut because we absorb most of the nutrients from the gut. The key nutrients absorbed in the gut are Iron, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Many studies have shown that prebiotics can promote the growth of many healthy bacteria, including Bifidobacteria.

Happy faces when they got Fernleaf CalciYum!

One of the easist ways to get the prebiotic is from the Culture milk drinks and yogurt. With the variety range of culture milk drinks and yogurts, my kids first choice always the Fernleaf CalciYum. 

Fernleaf CalciYum includes :

1. Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink 

Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink is a refreshing cultured milk drink loved by kids. It is a perfect as a part of a good breakfast or a snack, it’s packed with nutrients to support your child’s health from the inside out.

Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Drinks has many nutrition benefits in it. This drink that available in 110ml packs for all variants; from Plain, Apple, Grape, Orange, has assorted Probio DR20™- Fernleaf’s patented probiotic ingredient. Probiotics are known to support healthy digestive system, and keep body resistance strong Calcium & Vitamin D It also good for strong bones Good Bacteria and importantly it is good for gut function.

Whether in school or at play, your child needs a healthy body from the inside out. A-Force, with Vitamin D and Probio DR20™, helps your child face the day ahead! Fernleaf CalciYum cultured milk drink contains calcium and is high in Vitamin D, to support the growth of strong bones. CalciYum also features Probio DR20™. A good intestinal environment is important for nutrient absorption. This delicious cultured milk drink provides key nutrients to support your daily needs. Keeping healthy means you will not only be ready to perform your best – but also feel your best.

2. Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt

Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt

I can fuel my child’s active lifestyle with a treat that’s bursting with flavour from this creamy yogurt of Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurts. It has great flavor from the Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango, Grape and also the Chocolate Berry! It also contains four key nutrients including 2x Calcium to support the growth of strong and healthy bones. 2x Calcium* for strong bones and teethLive Cultures and also to support good digestive system. 

Eating Fernleaf CalciYum Chocolate Berry!

Kids also can perform their best with consuming Fernleaf CalciYum once a day cos it can support your child’s active mind and body. With Phocuslipids™, Fernleaf’s unique dairy lipid ingredient, the power of the A-Force is ready to unleash your kids full potential! 

Fernleaf CalciYum yogurt is high in calcium and Vitamin D and contains zinc to support the growth of strong bones. Alongside zinc, the yummy yogurt also now features Phoculipids™. All this good nutrients is great for kids active mind and active body!

My kids definitely loves all the variants from Fernleaf CalciYum, they love the taste and of course they love when they bought it they can get toys like cars, eraser, ruler and sometimes puzzle! Bonda also happy because can provide them with great nutrient while ensure they have the healthy gut needed to grow up healthy.

I bet your kids gonna love them too if they haven't try it yet, and let's ensure our kids have a healthy gut to ensure their development is doing great!

Active Mind Active Body with Fernleaf CalciYum!

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