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Control Diabetes with Free Program from |  Nowadays many food that goes viral in the social media is dessert. People more likely to buy the one that is more chocolaty and cheesy. Hence, there it goes why the Diabetics statistic in Malaysia is increasing.

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 (NHMS 2019), 1 in 5 adults in Malaysia are diabetics which consists of about 3.9 million Malaysians. These alarming statistics also show that Malaysia is among the countries with the highest number of diabetics in the world. Are  you aware that you can be the one of the Diabetics patient?

So what is the Diabetes symptoms? Diabetes symptoms are including ; urinate (pee) a lot (often at night), you are very thirsty, lose weight without trying, you are very hungry, you have blurry vision, you have numb or tingling hands or feet, you feel very tired, and if you have a very dry skin. If you have this symptoms you might need to check it with your doctor. 

Once you were diagnosed with Diabetes, you need to visit your doctor and diabetes health care team regularly. It can be a tiring and sometimes people neglecting it. Recently, a one-stop platform led by health professionals was launched in early January to provide FREE health monitoring to those with diabetes. This online program will be implemented for 14 days starting from February 1 until February 14, 2021. If you didn't manage to register you can join the second batch on 1-14 March 2021

The non-profit organization that leads this program consists of Medical Doctors, Dietitians and Nutritionists who will provide support and monitor 150 selected members registered on the website This program is not only open to those who have been certified by a doctor as diabetics. In fact, it also provides an opportunity for those who are at high risk of diabetes as well as their closest acquaintances with the same problem.

Study found that people who are at high risk of getting diabetes are those who have a history of family members who have diabetes, are overweight and are between the ages of 45 and above. In fact, these at-risk groups often do not care about their health until they are diagnosed with diabetes. The disease can cause many complications such as kidney failure, heart attack, paralysis, blurred vision and amputation.

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In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, 83% of deaths are those with at least one health problem. Diabetics are the largest contributor to COVID-19 mortality at 70%. While 64.9% of deaths of COVID-19 patients have high blood pressure (COVID -19 Mortality Statistics in Malaysia, 11 October 2020). In this regard, various monitoring activities have been arranged to help the participants who participated in the program for 14 days. 

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These include :

  • a diet schedule to lower blood sugar readings
  • exercise activities without having to leave the house
  • stress control exercises
  • sleepless sleep methods without the hesitation of going  to the toilet every night 
  • methods and ways to take effective nutrition from natural sources

Certainly this is the best opportunity for diabetics in an effort to fully restore health and healing on a step-by-step basis with the guidance of a specialist.

You also can get proactive steps in preventing and controlling diabetes at As someone with the History with Diabetes during pregnancy, I think I also need to reconsidered a healthy diet after this. Diabetes is  a serious illness especially during this Pandemic right? Let's take care our health and register with this FREE Program for more effective results.

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