Relief your Anxiety with Mindful Muslim apps.

Amirrah Othman
Relief your Anxiety with Mindful Muslim apps. | Anxiety issue is a common issue in the community nowadays. But did you know that Anxiety is a normal emotion? It’s your brain’s way of reacting to stress and alerting you of potential danger ahead. Everyone feels anxious now and then. For example, you may worry when faced an interview, before taking a test, or even before you making an important decision.

Anxiety is one of the mental health issue that need to be treated if it got worse, and the best way to treat it by seeking professional helps at the Psychiatrist. Hence, not everyone wanted to get help maybe because their issue is just a small thing or maybe they felt ashamed with their condition. There is nothing to feel ashamed when it comes to mental health right? But if you think that you can try treat your anxiety condition yourself, I guess you need this great apps called Mindful Muslim.

Mindful Muslim was developed to help Muslims improve their emotional and mental wellbeing through guided sleep talk downs of Islamic stories. The CEO is on a mission to inspire Mental Health amongst Muslims.

Mohd Akhtaar, the CEO of Mindful Muslim apps, says the idea of the app came out of his own need. “In 2017 I was the Director of a Digital Marketing agency leading a team of seven, working all hours to cater to international clients. I found it difficult to wind down and tried to look for an app that could help. The mindfulness apps that already existed didn’t fit in with Islamic principles, so seeing a gap in the market, I decided to create my own,” he says.

mohd akhtaar, ceo mindful muslim,
Mohd Akhtaar, CEO of Mindful Muslim app

The app was launched in March this year, and has been growing at a pace of 15,000 new members per month. The app now has more than 50,000 subscribers from all around the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, France, the UK, US, India and many parts of Africa. The top subscribers includes are from Malaysia, UK,US and also UAE. I guess Malaysian people really in need of the helps due to the long MCO and EMCO during this pandemic Covid-19. Mental Health has been overlook in Malaysia and we can hear many suicide happens in the country this year and it took life as young as 11 years old.

This is a sad situation that we need to overcome especially in the Muslim community. Mohd Akhtaar said that he aims to support Muslims who facing stress, anxiety and depression. He also wanted to fight the stigma that if you have mental health issues, you are a bad Muslim. Mental health is another issues wether you are good or bad Muslim right?

The producer of Motivation Moments 500 by Mufti Menk, Mohd Akhtaar has created the Mindful Muslim apps that is the world’s first Islamic mindfulness app and this business idea won the Supreme prize and more than $20,000 in cash and prizes in Auckland University of Technology’s entrepreneurship programmed, X Challenge

Thus this apps is taking going another level soon and with the funds and grants he got, he said the second phase of the apps will be seeing Counseling features and also another language like Malay language for the subscriber. And the third phase will be seeing a Kids category cos you know Mental Health issue doesn't know your age. And kids in Malaysian really having a stress issue with their struggle of PdPR lesson.

Mindful Muslim Features.

Mindful Muslim app is now the Market Leader in the mental Health space especially in the Muslim market. As one of the subscriber I also felt this helps is very useful to me, and as someone who had problem to sleep this apps really can makes you more relief from Dunya. With the Doa and story that were recite for you from your checklist , it does makes you more closer to Him.

The best things with this apps is you can customize your own playlist or what you wanted to hear. You can customize your Doa, the reciter, and your needs either you wanted to release your anxiety, depression or even you need a ruqyah this apps can helps you with it. It is so helpful cos your playlist is what you need and you don't have to hear any ads like in YouTube. There is testimonials from the subscriber that say that this apps have helps them relief they anxiety after months of usage.

So if you in need of help and currently don't know where to seek, I hope that you seek for Allah helps first and if you had noway to go, go with this very useful apps! 

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  1. Bagus sangat ni... Sis dah donlod, time nak tidur bukak, dengar dan selami, memang meresap dalam jiwa, tenang je rasa...

  2. Alhamdulillah finally there's an app that can atleast help me ease my anxiety and get a better feeling before I go to bed.

  3. Bagus sgt apps ni. Kte pun guna apps ni tau utk ilangkan stress

  4. Bagus la tujuan apps ni. Kalau tengah tertekan nak nak aman sekarang ni. Harus la download apps ni kat phone masing2. Boleh bagi manfaat.

  5. Nie now memang peneman tidur agar jiwa dan otak tenang selepas penat kerja seharian.

  6. I just loved the Mindful Muslim's features... Memang membantu sangat tatkala hati gundah-gulana... Basically, lepas guna apps ni, rasa lebih mudah nak handle stress, kalau dulu, sampai kena anxiety attack lagi tu... Menggigil satu badan...

  7. Nak download jugak lah. Skrg ni susah nk tido memalam so bolehlah dgr bagi tenang jiwa ni

  8. Dah download juga. Banyak membantu Marsha yang ada mild anxiety. Lega rasanya

  9. Bestnya apps ni. Sesuai untuk semua terutama yang ada masalah emosi. Banyak juga function nya.

  10. this app is really nice and all Muslim should use it! Let's have good Mental health even in this difficult time

  11. Apps yang bagus untuk seisi keluarga. Kalau takleh tido, saya pasang je Mindful Muslim Apps ni. Tak sampai setengah jam, semua elok tido. Hehe.

  12. bagus apps ni.. esp time pandemik.. kita mmg kena kurangkan rasa stress dalam diri.. so apps ni boleh membantu

  13. Kak Nina pun dah download. Serius amat bermanfaat. Suka pasang sebelum tido. Nyaman tenang je

  14. best kan pakai app ni? rasa tenang je especially sebelum tidur. untuk masa terluang pun boleh guna juga sangat bermanfaat keluarga

  15. Time macam ni memang ramai yang terkesan akan hadapi masalah emosi dan mental, semoga app ini akan membantu.

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