My Experience #CucukMyAz First Dose at PPV PWTC.

Amirrah Othman
My Experience #CucukMyAz First Dose at PPV PWTC. | Vaccine has known to be one of the effective ways to combat virus in the body and for so many years vaccine has been used to people for this purpose. In Malaysia, we will give vaccine from the day we were born and the vaccine call BCG. 

During this pandemic Covid-19, new vaccines has been introduced to the world to ensure the world to be the safer place again. This vaccine has been introduced since last year and in Malaysia, we just start received covid-19 vaccine on the beginning of March 2021. Malaysia received vaccine from BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine , CoronaVac vaccine and Oxford, AstraZeneca vaccine. 

From ; The Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine has been listed for emergency use by the WHO and is safe and effective based on data from large-scale clinical trials. Based on data provided by the manufacturer, the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine, or AZD1222, has shown to be 63% effective in an ongoing, large-scale clinical trial. A widely used COVID-19 vaccine that's at least 50% effective could help control the pandemic.

There fore Malaysia asked for volunteer for Astrazaneca Vaccine this year and I was not interested for the first announcement but then when seeing others happy after taking jab, I said why not we take it too. But actually I didn't get lucky to get my appointment on the day the open registration but I managed to get my appointment the next day. Haha

So when the day arrived, with full nervous I went to PWTC and I thought I just need to went straight to Level 4 but I actually need to from the groundfloor to enter the PPV. So queue starts in front of PWTC, do prepare to open your MySejahtera apps and makes sure you update your profile for the latest date.

Then, they will allow you entered if you on time as early as 15mins or 1 hour before. But if too early, you have to wait at the outside first. As usually check in and take your temperature and just follow the Section you are given at your mySejahtera apps. Then at signed your consent form, go for doctor consultation and then you can went in for your jab.

At PPV IWTC KL, the injection room is sharing basis- maybe because the crowd is so big, so if you are woman who taking care your aurat do take note to wear a proper and simple cloth so you can easily pull it out when necessary. Doctor said no camera please.. haha.. yeah doc will show your vaccine which in my case I don't see the vaccine bottle. Maybe they already insert it at the syringe to ensure faster turnover. 

And yes the injection felt nothing at all cos as a mother my painfully ever injection is during my pregnancy when doctor gave DEXA injection to matured baby lung if you have early birth/suspected for early birth. I even cried when I had the injection. Huhu back to Az Vaccine day, doc will show you they done inject all 5ml vaccines into your body. Then snap your vaccine code then you can go for monitoring.

I have to wait for 30mins because I had history of allergic before. But nothing happen and then I went for picture opportunity thanks to helpful girl that day. Then, another selfie while waiting for my husband to arrive then we went to groceries shopping haha..

Side effects after Vaccines Covid 19.

Most common side effects of Astrazaneca vaccine is : 
  • Pain or tenderness at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle or joint aches
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea

So my first day post vaccine, I wake up with a very painful hand, headache, chills and fever. I took 6 panadol / uphamol 650 that day. But that night it quite okay and maybe because a blog post to published my mental quite strong. On the 2nd day, I still had headache and fever and chills too, still wearing socks at home. But later that evening it slightly gets better and 3rd day I already can cook for my family.

And on the 3rd day, I received my 2nd dose appointment date. It makes me nervous cos maybe I have to bear the same fever again? But hopefully 2nd dose it will be much better right? It just a light fever compare to a real Covid-19 that maybe can cost your life.

So Malaysian, if you haven't registered for vaccine yet, I hope you do so to help all the Malaysian gain herd immunity as fast as we can. So we can have our normal live again. Please don't be a selfish freak. Haha

Okay sign up or check your vacvine appointment at :

I hope my husband, my sister and my brother will get their vaccines appointment soon too! Stay safe everyone!

* For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice.


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