Top Motivator Asiapez Nor Zamshuri Offered Free Coaching to all Entrepreneurs During this Pandemic Covid-19.

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Top Motivator Asiapez Nor Zamshuri Offered Free Coaching to all Entrepreneurs During this Pandemic Covid-19. | Pandemic Covid-19 case in Malaysia still high and with the high cases and death everyday, Malaysia have to continuing the Movement Control Order to ensure everyone safety. But then, the live going tough to certain people and the suicide case in Malaysia getting high too.

Many of this case happened to the unemployed people and also to the businessman. Many choose to take the shortcut when they couldn't find any more solution in continuing their business and even life. This is a sad situation that happened today and many also take initiative to help the needed one with white flag campaign and even motivator like Nor Zamshuri take plead to give free coaching to all entrepreneurs who has will to change their life.

About Nor Zamshuri bin Ramli

Nor Zamshuri is known as a celebrity that is actively on the 90's. If you know him back then, he is a singer, TV host and also actor. He start his working journey on the 1989 as Branch Operation / credit control / marketing and promotion OFFICER at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN). His journey went up as TV Host and on 2003 he become a Business Development  Consultant / Master Content Speaker & Trainers Founder at DYNAMIC TRAINING EXCELLENT CONSULT SDN BHD (DTEC).

Nor Zamshuri passion in Master Content Speaker and Motivator Advisor raise up and he become the Motivator Advisor at RICHWOOD VENTURES BERHAD to all the entrepreneur. But then, his career didn't stop at there as he also  FACILITATOR ILaj Syarie  Pengubatan Islam at KSKcare JAKIM Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, Putrajaya. On top of that, he also a PEMERHATI RASUAH MALAYSIA (PPM-010-14-24072017) and also a Leader of Putra Ampang P99.

Education Background :
  • Bachelor Degree in Communication (Hons) Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Bachelor Degree in Islamic Medicine ( Darussalam Malaysia )
  • Diploma in Arts of Speach and Profesional Motivational Speaker (Ampro) 
  • Mastery in Human Behavior Science (Sterling Management & Universiti Malaya Academic Association)
  • Certificate in Islamic Syarie Counseling (JAKIM) 
  • Certificate in Islamic Psychospritual (JAKIM )
  • Certificate in Islamic Medicine (JAKIM) 
  • Certificate in Islamic Madicine (Isnad Tadawi)

Top Motivator Award at Asia Brand Award. 

This 2021 marked one of Nor Zamshuri biggest achievement when he was awarded with Top Motivator Award at Asia Brand Award. The event also rewarded other 32 category and Nor Zamshuri were rewarded as Top Motivator for his recognition as a motivator speaker and also as Islamic Medicine Facilitator in so many years. During the Zoom Meeting we had last week, Nor Zamshuri told his journey as a motivator in many school and Madrasah for this past few years and he always took the initiative to received token for his speech or motivation as much as they can afford. He always wanted to give back to the community and help as many as he can with the all knowledge that he had.

Hence, during this Pandemic that hit so hard, he makes the initiative to help the others with all the knowledge he had. Nor Zamshuri wanted to help everyone who wanted to be success with the e-commerce platform that they provided. They are looking for someone as young as 20-30 as this age the individuals can make their own decision and have much passion in what they do. But then they also not limit the age of member as everyone can join if you really wanted to be succeed with the platform.

The e-commerce they provided are known as panpay. Panpay Holdings Sdn Bhd is a licensed multi-level marketing company selling skincare and cosmetic products. Some of the products include wrinkle reducing eye cream, skin soothing ampoule, daily skin balancing lotion, breakout control anti blemish cream and seawater hydrating mist. All the products are halal and approved under the Control of Drug and Cosmetic Regulation 1984 by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Panpay believes health and beauty comes from within and without and continuously carry out research and development to ensure that all products sold are of the highest quality. A lucrative and sustainable plan awaits all users and members. Panpay aims to create history by being the first multi-level marketing company to create a “waqf-preneur” platform to ensure that everyone can participate in this business and benefit from it.

Do check Nor Zamshuri YouTube channel to check out more about their product and sharing. 

The platform also not limited to panpay itself only as the company is big and panpay also using the global known transaction M-pay which allowed you grow bigger not even in the Malaysia but also to the worldwide market. Their e-commerce platform will allowed entrepreneur to advertise their products in their marketplace for FREE. That's not all they also many other package for entrepreneur to gain revenue as fast as they can using their legal platform. 

As someone who love business, I found that this a great opportunity for everyone who like to discover the business world as this platform also new. Did you know if part of a pioneer team who do the business your success rate is higher and of course people said, early birds gets the worm. And with the Top Motivator in the business line, you surely will get more knowledge tips and trick and doing business more successfully.

People who is success in business, is a people who willing to take risk. It isn't right? As for me even though I have fall down many time in my business journey, my passion towards business never let me down to do it again and again. And of course, one thing I learn we surely need a great knowledge and mentor when you doing your business or else you will be lost in your journey.

For more information do contact : 

Bro Zamshuri 019 - 6555219 
Adam Zamshuri 011 - 37528936
Aiman Zamshuri  019 - 2404983 

E-mail :


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