Infaq Beras Ashraffi for Pondok Motivasi Hamlatul Quran Lilbanin Sustainability.

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Infaq Beras Ashraffi for Pondok Motivasi Hamlatul Quran Lilbanin Sustainibilty. | Malaysia has start their 3rd wave of Movement Control Order since May 2021 and during this MCO many non-essentials company have to closed down to control the growing number of covid-19 patient. Cases in Malaysia has getting worst and thus the MCO 3.0 is necessary to avoid more death in the future. 

During this struggle time, everyone keep on doing what that doing best for living or even to sustain in this Pandemic time. As for me and my husband who also have to closed down our food stall at Uptown Setia Alam recently, we also struggle to make living with selling anything that we can. Like Pondok Motivasi Hamlatul Quran Lilbanin they have to make their sale of Beras Ashraffi more aggressively to sustain their motivation school.

Pondok Motivasi Hamlatul Quran (PMHQ) which was founded on March 3, 2013 is open to children and teenagers who want to learn more about the Quran. PMHQ is based in Kampung Blok J, Sawah Sempadan, Tanjung Karang and currently sustain from Ustaz Ashraf funds from his speech invitation and thay also sometimes receives funds from public donations.

Here is a place where children have family crises and poverty, where there is also a siblings who were sent by the NGO when their parents in jail and gone. There are almost 70 people aged 7 to 20 here. Regardless of social background and economic ability, PMHQ chooses to prioritize the mission of helping tahfiz children improve their personal qualities through Quranic Education and social life.

At PMHQ, students were not stressed only to memorize the Quran, but to apply the value of motivation in themselves so that they excel in this world and the hereafter. Every student that enter here will only qualified if they have the WILL from themself and not being force by others. And parents who send their kids here also should have the interest to learn more about Quran, so their kids journey will be more easy in the future.

Ustaz Mohd Ashraff, is an independent preacher and founder of tahfiz school, Pondok Motivasi Tahfiz Hamlatul Qur’an (PMTHQ), Tanjong Karang. He was born in Egypt. Ustaz Mohd Ashraf said, he works for none other reason, it is because of Allah SWT and intends to help the needy whether from among asnaf, orphans and tahfiz children.

With the slogan Pure, Quality and Delicious to enjoy, Ashraffi Rice were launched on beautiful Monday of October 5, 2020. Coinciding with the slogan, the owner, Ustaz Dr Mohd Ashraf bin Suarin, 38, is determined to produce this staple food as an obligatory (Fardu kifayah) to enable the community to get food that is halal toiyiba, clean without a doubt.

" The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. "

[Qur’an 2:261]

Many who are affected by the MCO are no exception in the tahfiz maahads. PONDOK MOTIVASI (TAHFIZ) HAMLATUL QURAN would like to announce that this tahfiz has released ASHRAFFI RICE products to cover the operating costs of tahfiz and for your information, they Pondok Motivasi is still on operation with the almost 70 kids in the school. With the sale of this Ashraffi Rice we can help to cover up almost RM40,000 operation cost for every month.

Here, I would like to invite your kind service to help their business by buying ASHRAFFI RICE. If you have a surplus of sustenance, you can also spend by buying rice. The rice that you buy will be donated to orphanages, maahad tahfiz, senior citizens' homes & asnafs.


5KG: RM 15.00
10KG: RM 29.00
1 Guni (50KG): RM 145

Contact Ustaz Dr Mohd Ashraf Suarin +60136328852

Iman Ashraffi Resources

Facebook Page : Pondok Motivasi Hamlatul Quran Lilbanin Wa Lilbanat

COD service are available at Meru, Bukit Kapar & Puncak Alam.


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  1. Thanks for the info. Semoga urusan puan dan suami dipermudahkanNya dan dilapangkan rezeki sama.

  2. usaha yang sangat baik dan berpahala, banyak yang kita boleh bantu untuk ringankan beban mereka

  3. Seronok tgok dorg terima beras.. Terima kasih sharing ..

  4. harga pun ok, affordable.
    bagus usaha ni. beras kan makanan utama kita-kita. yg lain penambah aje.

  5. Moga ramai yang terbuka hati untuk sama-sama infaq beras untuk Pondok Ashraffi nih dimasa akan datang

  6. Berinfaq di jalan Allah, semoga dimurahkann rezeki buat semua.

  7. Baik, InsyaAllah akan dipanjangkan lagi perkara ini kepada yang lain. Semoga sama-sama dapat manfaat.

  8. Alhamdulillah. Senang ada yang buat macam ni. Memudahkan kepada mereka yang nak berinfaq

  9. Bgus usaha mcm ni.. Mmg ramai terjeja skan musim2 mcm ni

  10. terima kasih sudi share program amal macam ni.. insyaAllah semoga murah rezeki membantu yang memerlukan..

  11. Alhamdulilah, banyak peluang untuk bersedekah rupanya kann.. beras tu pun sambil membeli sambil kita guna juga...

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