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KAMAL. KICKS OFF THE NEW YEAR WITH DEFIANT NEW SINGLE - ESSENTIAL. | North-West London musician Kamal. is on a rapid trajectory and 2023 is certain to accrue further accolades across the board. At just 20 years old, multi-instrumentalist Kamal. is Ivor Novello-award nominated, Billie Eilish co-signed, has collaborated with Dave, and amassed an awe-inspiring 225 million streams.

New singleessential, produced by J Moon lands with the news of the forthcoming ‘so here you are, drowning’ EP - which is set for release on March 17th 2023. The mixtape title and accompanying artwork are awash with water symbolism. ‘so here you are, drowning’ is almost two years of writing and documenting the specific feeling of trying to stay afloat; the tensions between codependency and martyrdom in a relationship, and ultimately drowning in it all.


“essential” is tinged with Kamal.’s usual romantic sentiment; however, it focuses on the ending of a deep love - a love that you thought was essential. Lyrically, it explores the emotional aftermath of a breakup; a time for clarity and welcoming the release from a co-dependence and an all-encompassing, if not overwhelming connection. 

The accompanying video (directed by amity bloc) sees Kamal and friends running through London during the apocalypse - driving around at night and letting out frustration and anger: “I didn’t need you anyway” rings out as the song comes to a climactic end. It’s another dose of Kamal.’s trademark honey-tinged vocals, offered on a sharp knife of realism and raw honesty. 

The emotive video essentially depicts the last 24 hours on earth, and we are watching Kamal. grappling as he works out who he needs to spend his final day with. All the while, chaos rocks the world around him.

It’s the first offering since the delectable “nowhere to hide”- an addictive sonic with a poignant lyricism that speaks on the notions of materialism and fulfillment. Produced by long-term collaborator J Moon, and Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, FKA Twigs), “nowhere to hide” features additional song-writing from Kamal.’s Ivor Novello mentor Jamie Scott (Major Lazer- Cold Water.)

Kamal. hails from Harlesden; but his music is traveling far beyond his hometown. Since releasing his highly anticipated debut EP ‘war outside’ at the end of 2021, Kamal. has committed to a life in the studio - bolstering an already impressive catalogue of music at such a young age and preparing for the release of his second body of work.

“Essential” seamlessly follows in the footsteps of previous offerings, including the ethereal cliff-top soaring single “lose”, fan favorite “homebody”, and the Top-40 single “Mercury, his collaboration with Brit Award winning rapper Dave.

Kamal.’s music chronicles both the highs and lows of life. His lyrical content spans romantic relationships, the seclusion of your own mind, the repetitive, the mundane, and even derealisation and anxiety. Often relating to the more complicated yet familiar feelings, Kamal.’s lyrics have the ability to hold the listener’s hand through shared experience. He is a truly exceptional storyteller.

The voice of a generation, Kamal. moves with the vision and presence of someone much older than his years. A truly unique artist, his innate musical talent has placed him firmly on the map.

EP Artwork

More on Kamal.:

Long-term fans will recall the aforementioned “homebody”, which was written during Kamal.s winter holiday and discussed isolation and seclusion; an all too familiar emotion in the consequential global lockdown that ensued in March 2020. His consequent single “blue” saw similar global-reaching success, as award-winning, teen-starlet Billie Eilish placed it at the number 1 spot during her takeover of Spotify’s Lorem playlist.

In the past, Kamal. honed an impressive balance between school work and making music; but now having graduated from school for good, he is able to place full focus on recording and is gearing towards a year of new releases. Kamal. was always destined to be a musician. A skilled pianist, his early influences were found in the likes of Maxwell, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and Bill Withers

Formulating his own sound, he first began to compose tracks to his ukulele and in 2019, uploaded his first recorded song -“smilingdownthephone” on soundcloud. Since then, he hasn’t looked back - garnering co-signs from the likes of NME, British GQ, British Vogue, i-D, Dazed and more.

Follow Kamal.’s journey here: https://www.instagram.com/Kamal.nw/

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