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KAHF LENGGONG OUTDOOR FESTIVAL 2023 (ODF23) IS BACK! | Living in the concrete jungle surely makes people stressed and outdoor activities are something good to release the hectic activities once a while right?

Outdoor goers out there, you should not miss this biggest Outdoor Festival 2023 in Lenggong, Perak this coming June 2023.

Happening from June 16 to 18 at Resort Tasik Raban, Lenggong in Malaysia's state of Perak, Lenggong Outdoor Festival 2023 (ODF23) returns this year after its inaugural successful event held in 2022 - which saw the gathering of over 30 community groups and attended by more than 1,000 active lifestyle enthusiasts nationwide. 

Renowned for its beautiful and scenic landscapes that are highly enticing, Lenggong, which is dubbed “Mini Amazon Malaysia” is chosen again this year as the primary location for tremendous active and extreme activities that indirectly help to promote the district on the tourism front. 

YB Datuk Seri Dr. Shamsul Anuar Nasarah
YB Datuk Seri Dr. Shamsul Anuar Nasarah

Deputy Home Minister who is also Lenggong Member of Parliament, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Shamsul Anuar Nasarah said, 

“ODF23 is a uniting medium and platform that combines many elements of life; among others the active-healthy lifestyle, physical and extreme outdoor adventure that best commemorate all range and societies as well as the connected communities which projected to the local economy to boost. 

“ODF23 is a timely event in the efforts to create more positive communities which support each other and the purpose of this festival to be the one with healthy vibes and acceptable by many," he said. 

Themed 'Unplug & Reconnect', co-organizers of LOCCO and Majlis Daerah Lenggong (MDL) would like to call all ODF23 participants to seize the opportunity to meet new people, exchange stories and experiences through a ray of planned activities. 



This year’s participation is also expected to witness more numbers from abroad where they can meet the locals in celebrating the diversity of interests through various ODF contents such as forum sessions, workshops, explorations, and music performances. 

Among the activities include :

  • Camping, kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, Bridge Rappelling and archery.
  • “Merentas Desa” is also happening this year, with other newly-introduced activities namely ODF Ride, Lake Flying Fox, Flatland Skimboarding dan Tree Climbing
  • A few workshops will also be conducted, among others the handmade paracord, Ultralite hiking, rope & climbing, organic soap making and water safety. 

To sizzle up days and nights during ODF23, sharing sessions and forums are also scheduled which include Cerita Kedai Kopi, Sembang Bawah Fly, community awareness and workshop on cycling techniques

Participants will also be entertained by relaxing music performances at night by gig and local bands such as Teman Lelaki, Cisco, Nami, The Mirza and many more. 



The most thrilling part of this year’s ODF edition is the collaboration of the festival with a Jakarta-based brand called Kahf, and it is now rebranded to “KAHF LENGGONG OUTDOOR FESTIVAL 2023”. 

Kahf is a halal, nature-inspired men’s personal care and grooming brand that offers a range of products such as facial wash, EDT, moisturizer, and beard treatment. With the mild formulation and a modern image to awaken functional, emotional, and spiritual benefits, the brand always strives to prioritize quality in supporting men’s active lifestyles. 

Agung Andrian, Group Head of Paragon International Business
Agung Andrian, Group Head of Paragon International Business

Agung Andrian, Group Head of Paragon International Business said, 

“We are on a mission to promote a grooming experience at its finest - natural, mild, halal thayyib to enhance men’s life values. Kahf's participation as the main sponsor is an effort to approach Kahf users and introduce the Kahf product range through outdoor activities and today's active lifestyle."
Outdoor Fest 2023,

Targeting more than 1,500 participants this year, ODF23 is also supported by more than 35 community groups and co-sponsors namely ANBOT, HAUSBOOM, BOOM+, Lost World of Tambun and Kembara Meals. Our strategic partners also include RNR Adventures, Skycamp, Santrav, Rileklah, Pretty World, 30 Ascend, Project Vacation, Santrav, Tanjak, Decathlon and Nomadism

Ticket sales are still open. For those interested in outdoor activities, ticket purchases can be made through our official website www.outdoorfest.my. 

Participants could also get more details and information on ODF23 by following our social media updates as stated below; 

Instagram & Twitter : @outdoorfestmy 
Facebook : facebook.com/outdoorfestmy 

Praying hard for my plan to join the festivals will be ease. And yes hope to see you all there too!

About Kahf 

Kahf is a halal and nature-inspired men's skincare brand that always strives to prioritise quality in supporting men’s active lifestyles. As a brand, Kahf carries #JalanYangKuPilih has a tagline to show commitment in spreading positive influences that can accompany men in every path he chooses to become better human beings and benefit those around them. 

As a brand that supports men's activities, Kahf also continues to collaborate with various men's lifestyle communities to jointly spread goodness according to the path they choose.

Website: www.kahfeveryday.com 
Instagram: @kahfeveryday.my 
Tiktok: @kahfeveryday.my


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